Sevco’s Craziest Fan Site Is Making More Ridiculous Claims Tonight.

Image for Sevco’s Craziest Fan Site Is Making More Ridiculous Claims Tonight.

Ibrox Noise Up has published another of its spectacularly unhinged pieces tonight by trying to refute the idea that clubs with money dominate those clubs which don’t have any.

They are also at great pains to point out that their club signed “the third most expensive player in Scottish football history” during the last window.

Don’t even ask how this supports their general point, which is that Celtic’s “mega millions do not matter.”

This is like trying to explain particle physics to a child, it really is.

Our wage bill is higher than their club’s entire turnover; that’s the bald fact of it. They may think because they matched us in transfer spending these last few windows that this tells the story, but it doesn’t tell even a little bit of it as they’d know if they wised up.

There’s one other crucial factor they haven’t taken into consideration and it’s this; our club can afford to pay those kind of transfer fees and wages whereas theirs cannot. Our club is not dependent on soft loans from the directors or the Wonga ones they went to Close Brothers for.

Honestly, I know that their target audience is thick and, like the tabloids, there’s got to be a certain amount of pandering to them, but this kind of article makes the writers sound even thicker.

I’ll tell you something else; these guys know we laugh at them on this site and that you guys all get a kick out of it.

They freely admit that, and they don’t mind it.

They take a perverse pleasure in being seen as delusional fantasists. Don’t ask me why.

But here’s how they decided to close out this arrant nonsense tonight.

As ever, I refuse point blank to correct the grammar; I prefer you to read it as it is.

“It doesn’t seem like the spending actual between the two Old Firm clubs is really that far apart, only the actual budget. Celtic have their mega millions to spend, but they don’t actually do it.”

Except … we actually do you mindless morons.

As proved in the … err … “actual budget.”

Sevco’s revenues for the last full year of accounts was £33 million … Celtic’s wage bill for those just announced was £59 million.

You do the maths, you dumb lot.

Use a calculator if you need it.

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