Last night we were brilliant.

The performance could not have been more different than the one seven weeks ago, when we crashed out of the Champions League.

There were are a number of changes which made the difference.

One was simply having our players in the right positions, and playing guys who were left out of the team that night.

Other players were just bedding into the team.

Some were not yet at their .

didn’t just make an team selection that night; his tactical decisions were strange too. There were elements of that performance that were absolutely shambolic. The fears which it opened up were real and justified … because it was a dreadful night.

That evening needed to be redeemed. We were lucky to get Cluj in the draw.

We were lucky that Neil Lennon got his to put it right, and last night we did exactly that. The performance was powerful and domineering.

From conceding four goals in the Champions League game we kept a sheet.

Everything about last night was bang on.

So what were these factors that made such a huge difference?

Why were we so dominant last night in to that evening?

This will attempt to answer that question.