The Bigger The Lies The More The Sevco Fans Believe Them.

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Last night, I published a piece about Sevco website Ibrox Noise.

I realised, writing it, that it was to look at issue of Sevco and its delusional mind-set in some greater detail.

This piece will be one of a number that aims to do just that.

In order to understand Sevco and lies you first have to list what they are. That’s what this piece will aim to do. I do not pretend that it is a definitive list of Sevco lies, but these are most pervasive, the most resistant to fact and logic.

I think some of these will not survive season.

Most of them will not survive next campaign.

It will be interesting to see what Sevconia does when these articles of faith are finally be challenged.

It will be interesting to see how much of their club can be saved.

My guess would be that not much of it will survive. When you base your life on lies, and then those lies start to crumble, it can bring about one of biggest psychological shocks to the system that there is. There may be no recovering from it.

Sevco is seven years old. It is already in a death spiral. I know a lot of people do not recognise that fact, but it is a fact nonetheless, and the only two options open to the people who run that club are to live within their means or die as did … there are no others.

Lies are necessary for some people.

The whole of Sevco so far has been built on suspension of belief. That can only last so long.

These are the greatest lies that still believe … but not forever.

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