The Continuing Rise Of Odsonne Edouard Is A Humiliation For Much Of Our Press.

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Last night, The Daily Record had a reporter doing a minute by minute review of Alfredo Morelos’ 70 minutes in a Colombia shirt.

He didn’t score, and his team were roundly, and easily, thrashed.

In the meantime, Scotland’s best striker was doing our league and Celtic proud by continuing a quite amazing scoring record at the Under 21 level for France.

Odsonne Edouard bagged a hat-trick last night.

As usual much of the Scottish press was looking in the direction of a player from Ibrox, and hoping to see him make an impression.

Their love affair with this guy is an embarrassment, especially when it’s clear to everyone who looks at it properly that our game does have a genuine, bona fide superstar in it.

The more they focus on Morelos, the better Edouard does.

Those who continue to debate which of the two is the better player just look more ridiculous with every passing day. People can pull all the stats out of their backsides that they like, but it’s clear who the superior footballer is, clear to anyone who knows a single thing about the sport.

Edouard’s three goals last night came as no surprise to anyone who’s watched him for the French team over the last two international breaks.

Like Dembele before him, he looks an absolute stand-out on that stage.

It is a tribute to him that he has already become one of the most talked about players in their team, a team loaded down with emerging talent.

Odsonne Edouard is not just a better footballer than Alfredo Morelos.

I think he’s on his way to proving himself a better player than Dembele.

There were signs of that even whilst both were at Celtic Park.

As I’ve written on this site before, it was Edouard who the Celtic coaching team were raving about behind the scenes, and it was their confidence which saw Celtic break the club spending record for him at the beginning of the last campaign.

I honestly cannot believe that his status as the best footballer in this country is still up for debate.

How much stupider do those who arguing against him want to sound?

Morelos is nowhere near his level.

Morelos will never reach his level, and Edouard is not even close to being as good as he’s going to be yet. Important goals in big games were one sign of his quality. Now he’s doing it at the Under 21 level for France, consistently. He is a superlative talent.

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