The Evening Times’ Latest Article On Interest In Young Dembele Is Clickbait Nonsense.

Image for The Evening Times’ Latest Article On Interest In Young Dembele Is Clickbait Nonsense.

The Evening Times just published an article about “top European clubs” being interested in Karamoko Dembele.

The writer, Mark Hendry, does not cite a single source for this dreck.

“Arsenal, PSG and Juventus have all been keeping tabs on the young winger, according to reports,” his garbage reads.

He does not tell us where those “reports” were from, of course, because that would blow this piece of trash apart.

But I read one of them last night.

It was on a clickbait blog.

There was not one verifiable fact in it.

I would have called it speculation except that would have been too kind to it.

These sorts of piece proliferate on the internet, as we all know.

Now they proliferate in the mainstream media.

It is amazing to me that the same people who disdain the blogs and claim not to read them so shamelessly plunder them for gossip, especially when it has an anti-Celtic bent. This is a piece of trash, but it has the potential to unsettle one of our most promising youth players, so of course the media would try to elevate it into an actual story.

It never ceases to amaze me what these people will stoop to.

Hendry’s output is usually ludicrous; he has an article up today about a boxer who says Defoe is the reason Sevco will win the league.

I mean, it is desperate stuff, precisely the sort of dreck I said yesterday we’d have to put up with for the next fortnight.

I can’t – I won’t – respond to every pro-Sevco piece, but I’m going to hit back at anybody who tries to stir the pot at Celtic Park, and that’s all this piece on the young Dembele is intended to do. It is not worth of a national newspaper.

It’s not even worthy of the blogs which ran it.

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