The Record Has Actually Managed To Outdo The Scotsman’s Pathetic “League Prediction” Article.

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Man oh man, our media … they still have the ability to stun me.

No sooner had I posted the earlier piece about how The Scotsman’s village idiot Joel Sked has taken a FiveThirtyEight projection and turned into a “statisticians say Sevco will win the league” story but I saw the following headline on The Daily Record’s site.

“Rangers top of the league and Celtic second as Kilmarnock fourth in ‘projected table”.

With a weary shake of the head, I clicked on the link for no reason other than to find out who the alleged “author” of this nonsense was, believing that the writer had simply seen Sked’s piece of barrel scraping and nicked it. But I was in for a bigger shock than that.

This was The Record taking a completely different “projection” and doing a piece on it as though this was a serious thing.

And if you thought Sked’s piece was ludicrous nonsense then this one is even more barking.

FiveThirtyEight’s projection has Sevco winning the league by three points … this one has them winning it by fourteen … on 100 points.

Who would write such obvious, and arrant, nonsense?

A website called The Gers Report.

Yes, this is a “prediction” from a Sevco fan-site.

This blog has made its own predictions on how this season will go; we’ll win the title by a double digit margin.

But that’s not worthy of being dressed up as a news story because it’s on a blog which wears its colours openly and without fear or favour.

In other words, it could be based on a biased premise.

(It isn’t, it’s based on Lennon’s previous record and league tables going back a long way.)

The Daily Record has taken this seriously … and that, unbelievably, has beaten Sked’s nonsense into second spot for the most ridiculous story of the day.

I guess I should be slightly impressed by that … but I’m not.

I’m bewildered as to how these rags have a single reader left. These kind of pieces are just an open insult to the intelligence of every single reader.

Hey, I have to do this every single day … I have a job that involves combing my way through all this nonsense. I get paid for it.

I don’t know what would inspire other people to do it, I really don’t.

This is how the article ends – and once again, I point blank refuse to clean up their grammar to make reading it more palatable.

“As much as it’s highly unlikely the table will end exactly like that, but it gives fans something to talk about and debate over.”

The only people who will be “debating this” are the sort who spent their day counting raindrops on the asylum window.

It is absolutely barking.

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