Tomorrow It’s Back To Business. This Sevco Hyped Fortnight Has Been Dire Beyond Belief.

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Jesus, thank God we’re back to the football tomorrow.

A three o’clock kick-off at home, and back to the top of the SPL, putting the pressure back where it belongs; on Gerrard and his rag-bag mob.

I’ve seen how they cope with pressure.

Not well. Lucky for them they are up against one of the ineptest and gutless managers in the league.

We’re at home to Ross County and should be looking to stamp our authority all over that game.

And no, Ryan Christie won’t be playing in the match. Thanks to the guys who pointed that out to me after the fact. The point of the Christie article was to say that he and the team would be well up for the next few games, as most of you were doubtless aware.

I can’t see anything other than a comfortable Celtic win, frankly because it has to be.

The absence of Christie gives the manager a bit of a dilemma but it’s a measure of the strength of the squad Lennon has at his disposal that he can answer it “Tom Rogic.”

And this is why all the Sevco hype has been absolutely extraordinary.

You’d think it was them sitting on these resources instead of us. There are some who would have you believe that an injury to Eddie would crash our season; they conveniently ignore how good Bayo has looked and that Forrest, Christie and others can weigh in with the goals and frequently do.

This team is still, by far, the best equipped in the league.

Momentum has taken a hit, but I’ve watched Lennon teams go on long unbeaten runs before and I don’t think he’s ever had these resources at his disposal before. I expect one of those runs and it should start right here, with this game tomorrow.

The whole team will be itching for the kick-off.

I know I am. The last fortnight has been every bit as awful as I thought it would be.

The media has been hysterical in their Sevco hype.

The only answer to it is to get our boys back out on the pitch and start putting them under pressure again.

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