Writing Off Celtic Has Become Routine For The Peepul … And They’re Doing It Again.

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Jermaine Defoe’s Ibrox success is shaming of Scottish football.

There, I said it. This has bothered me for weeks.

A guy his age who can still strut around the park up here and score hat-tricks?

That’s a disgraceful indictment on SPL defences and teams.

Honestly, this is a player with no pace at all, a player you only have to step in front of to stop him, and he’s lording it.

That he wants to continue playing well into his 40’s – even the MLS doesn’t have pros doing that – is a scandal, to be frank. That he thinks he can do it and that the Ibrox club agrees is a measure of how pitiful some of their opponents have been this season.

And of course, Defoe loves being at Ibrox. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? These should be a player’s retirement years; for him he’s banging them in as if he was still in his prime. Why wouldn’t he be loving it? Why wouldn’t he want it to go on and on and on?

TalkSport’s headline is that Celtic should “beware”.

Because Defoe says they are on the verge of something “special” at Ibrox.

He should beware. He has no idea how many times we’ve heard that kind of claptrap out of that place.

Alex McLeish has said much the same thing this week, and we all know how seriously Scottish football takes him, right?

Much more seriously than he deserves.

The number of people who’ve completely lost their minds over our Livingston defeat … well you expected it, but it’s still pretty amazing. They haven’t been brilliant this season, but to read some of it you’d think we had world beaters across the city. I am bored pointing out that we’ve already gone to their ground and won … other clubs will do it when they start realising that theirs isn’t an all conquering side but one managed by a rookie with a 40 year old striker.

All you can do is keep going over the bare facts.

People have been making these same predictions for four straight years now. Every win over there is a “turning point” whilst every loss at Celtic precipatates a crisis. We heard all this in December last year, about how they’d come out of the traps in January and everything would be rosy.

Yet it was Celtic who proved themselves the biggest club in the land.

Our players have been through it all.

Underestimate us at your peril.

It never ceases to amaze me when people in the media take seriously Sevco players saying Sevco are great and ex Ibrox managers and players gushing all over the club.

All of it writes Celtic off, which must be music to the ears in our dressing room.

Our players thrive on this kind of thing.

We love pressure.

I think we’d rather play under pressure than without it; mistakes are less likely when we do.

We’re almost through this awful international break.

I am glad. I cannot wait for this campaign to recommence, and I’ll be glad when the weekend comes and we exorcise the ghosts of Livingston and get back to winning ways.

This has all been every bit as unbearable as we thought it would be.

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