Celtic Fans And The “Fear Of Morelos”: The Latest Delusional Sevco Fantasy.

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You have to take your hat off to the Sevconuts at times; they have a wonderful way of making your day with the most spectacular flights of fantasy. The latest one is this; Celtic fans are afraid that Morelos is going to score at Hampden or Parkhead in December.

Oh man. Where to even start with this guff?

Let’s try this.

If Morelos stays at Ibrox long enough, he will eventually score against Celtic. It is as nearly inevitable as anything can be. He actually does well in the box when chances come his way. It’s what strikers are supposed to do, and even Kris Boyd managed it eventually.

We have a lot of fun with the idea that Morelos hasn’t done it yet, but it doesn’t actually matter that much when you get right down to it.

I don’t lose sleep over the prospect of it because if he scores a consolation goal in a match where we’ve otherwise dominated utterly it will secure them the same prize as if he never scored at all; nothing.

Why should that prospect bother us? Just so long as our footballers produce more goals on the day than theirs do I couldn’t care less who nets for them. I would prefer no-one did. I will be just as pissed off, momentarily, if Davis or Defoe or someone else gets one.

Would I still be mourning if Morelos had scored one of their goals in our 3-2 victory at Ibrox two years back? Would any of us? Of course we wouldn’t. We’d already have forgotten it. Do you remember who did score for them that day?

Do you care? Of course not, and neither do I.

They will argue that a goal against Celtic will get his value up.

Because goals against Celtic did such a lot for Louis Moult didn’t they?

They are fixated on this idea of getting tens of millions for this guy; ask Celtic fans how they feel about Edouard going, and none of them will talk about the cash we’d get for him but rather express hope we don’t sell him at all.

Let’s whisper together, here, shall we; let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room, which none of them so far have been willing to. Imagine that Morelos is somehow worth what they reckon he is. Imagine they get that fee for him.

Now, let’s be blunt here; as we know well, it costs big money to replace those guys too.

We had French Eddie in the building even before Dembele was out the door. Good business. Smart business. We could also afford to pay for it.

The other great delusion about them getting a whopping fee for Morelos is that the manager would get every penny of it to spend on the team.

What drivel that is.

Most of that money would vanish in an instant, to make up the shortfall for this campaign and to protect them from the possibility of a crash next season if they don’t get Group Stage football.

The thing is, Morelos hasn’t failed to score against Celtic because he’s a terrible player.

He’s actually a pretty decent one, in the same way as Sam Cosgrove is. It’s because our coaches and players are well aware of it that we’ve kept him closely marked and why Brown and others have needled and niggled him, all the better to bring out his weaknesses.

Why should we be afraid of him? Acknowledge his strengths, play to nullify them, and if all else fails simply score more goals on the day.

I’ll tell you this, Ciro Immobile is a vastly better footballer than Morelos is, or will ever be, and I know a lot of our fans were concerned about his ability in front of goal, and especially on his own home ground, where he’s a legend.

We were right to be too, because within seven minutes over there he’d shown us the quality he had and put his team 1-0 up.

Remind me, again, how that one turned out would you please?

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