Celtic Fans Will Not Stay Silent As The Latest Fraudulent Victim Narrative Is Spun At Ibrox.

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It’s the story of the day, let’s face it. Not the “revelation” in The Times – which I will get to later on tonight – that Rangers might have been hard done by HMRC, but the response to that bizarre and factually incorrect piece. The response is the real story.

As I said, I will get to the rights and wrongs of The Times story later, but save to say that this is yet another piece of arrant nonsense designed to give a wholly misleading impression, using selective facts and even, apparently, inventing a few for good measure.

Celtic fans tolerate a lot. We really do. We have a media in this country which is absolutely honking and which frequently writes the direst nonsense, but this takes the cake. We will put up with many things, but it sticks in the throat to see yet another toxic victim myth being pushed around Ibrox.

The facts do not support any of this garbage, but still it’s out there.

Look at The Record’s deplorable Hotline headline tonight; “Rangers fans thought there was an agenda and HMRC claims prove they were right.”

Tell me exactly who was pushing this agenda? What was the agenda? Are they really trying to suggest that a government department deliberately set out to destroy their club? For what possible reason? To hand Celtic an historical advantage?

People risked their careers, reputations, perhaps even their freedom … for that?

This is lunatic stuff, absolute howling at the moon. Yet this is the narrative that they are pushing all over their forums today and which the Scottish press is going right along with. And with it the suggestion that it was somehow Celtic who cheated here …

And we’re not standing for that, and why should we? Our club has earned everything it’s got. It’s bad enough listening to self-pitying nonsense out of Ibrox on subjects like Craig Whyte and Charles Green and how bad boys did it all to them and ran away … this is too much.

Honestly, this proves again something I’ve said before and before and before … it would be bad enough if this club was trying to rationalise its prior conduct, to dress it up as better than it was, for the purposes of spin and PR.

Why do you think the media is running this garbage now?

Sevco is about to run out money

Sevco is about to run out money

Sevco is worried about court cases

Sevco is worried about court cases

The SFA are about to act on King

The SFA are about to act on King

Hard to say ... something is up though

Hard to say ... something is up though

But it’s worse; these Peepul don’t even believe they did anything wrong.

Instead, they have conjured an entirely fictitious fantasy world in which they were the put upon, they were the victims, and we were the dark hand – the Unseen Hand – at the back of it all. Yet it was our club which was cheated in the EBT years.

It was our club who were denied a European license in 2011 which everyone knew we should have gotten.

I have no idea why someone has decided that this is the time to peddle such a blatant falsehood as we’re being forced to contend with today, but Celtic fans cannot sit silently as a brand new victim lie is pushed down our throats and forced on the game.

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