Ross Wilson Did Not Rule Out Sevco Selling Morelos In January. Why Is The Media Saying He Did?

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The media is lying again about Sevco, and this is one of those lies that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Every outlet is unified tonight in claiming that Ross Wilson has said the club will “categorically” not sell any of their top players in January … but that isn’t what he said.

He said the club did not “have” to sell … not that they would not.

In fact, I’ve read his comments several times and you can tell that the wording has been left deliberately vague to allow he and the Ibrox board all the wiggle room in the world should they need it. It is obvious, and yet the media has walked right into the trap.

If a decent offer – one in, say, the mid seven figures – comes in for Morelos I do believe he’ll be gone.

But if the club insists on holding on for stupid sums then, of course, none of their top stars will be sold in this window or in any other one.

Wilson’s assertion that the club does not have to sell flies in the face of everything we know, so that claim, too, should be taken with a big pinch of salt.

Gerrard and others inside Ibrox have confirmed that the next window will be about cutting the wage bill and moving players on.

The financial facts cannot be denied.

The club needs £10 million to get through the rest of the campaign; it stands to reason that unless they are going to be borrow it that they need to sell someone, and for a sizeable fee.

There is no getting away from this.

That club has a need, that need is acute, and even cutting the wage bill is probably not going to be enough.

Every newspaper agrees that their previous director of football was fired precisely because he didn’t sell … but now we’re expected to believe that Wilson doesn’t have to?

This is pure public relations, and the media is lapping it up.

Our press is so compliant that you feel you could get anything past them.

I think that’s a theme I should look at in more detail tomorrow.

What are the alternatives to Sevco selling players in January?

A lottery win

A lottery win

A heist

A heist

A magic money tree

A magic money tree

(Another) Tax fraud

(Another) Tax fraud

For now, marvel again at the way they’ve been steered so easily here towards the conclusion that is most pleasing to an ear tuned to the Ibrox frequency.

Common sense itself should have pulled them in the opposite direction.

It is incredible.

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