Sevco’s Latest “Investment” Fantasy Is Hilariously Brilliant, Mostly For Who Told The World.

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When I read, this morning, that Alex Rae was predicting a huge influx of money to Ibrox in January – a share issue involving un-named “major” investors – I laughed, I really did. Part of me wondered if it was a strategic leak from Ibrox, but that’s what hit the funny bone.

Because, really, if you were going to do something like that, why would you pick him? Only if you were desperate. And it’s obvious that right now that’s exactly what they are.

Alex Rae is the goon’s goon. He’s their pin-up boy.

There is probably a picture of him hanging on John Brown’s wall, in the place of honour. Aside from looking like someone who missed his real career in house haunting, when he speaks that echo you can hear is a handful of brain cells banging against an otherwise empty skull.

Whilst it is not out of the question that an Ibrox board member told him what would, if true, be a closely guarded secret – presumably not realising he wouldn’t keep it to himself for longer it took him to get on the phone and text all his mates – I suspect it’s a deliberate leak.

I mean, as strategic leakers go he’s perfect; pliable, gullible and working at Radio Clyde. If you think they’d have wanted a wider audience and someone to carry the message with a shred more credibility and public profile, then yes I agree.

It’s just that anyone with a shred of credibility or public profile would never have believed such arrant, and obvious, nonsense to begin with … this is why he’s a great person to deliver the message.

It hasn’t worked well though, has it? The rest of the press didn’t touch it – all except The Daily Record who, let’s face it, are as dumb as he is and therefore were always going to jump on it. Even they aren’t making a song and dance of it though.

So what’s this one all about then? I’ll tell you, it’s an early effort at raising the idea of a share issue at their AGM. As I said in the article I wrote on their shares on Thursday, the only way their directors will get any money back is to flog their dreck to the most gullible of their supporters.

This is the ballgame for them now, and there is zero hope of anything else, and I don’t even think it has much chance of succeeding.

Getting them to buy “special black kit” – way to dress your entire support up like fascists on the march; great public relations – might be cake, but asking them to part with hundreds of pounds for wee bits of paper to hang on the wall and thus bail out King and others … not going to happen.

They wouldn’t do it for Murray when their club was on top and he was telling them it was the only way to stay there.

They didn’t do it for Green with all his talk of the world hating them except for the Dallas Cowboys who were going to be their big commercial partners.

They didn’t do it for King last time around. Why would they do it now?

Forget “institutional investors” or anyone bringing big money to the table. Any additional cash that flows into that club would have to be viewed as dirtier than sewage effluent and those allegedly providing it given the fine tooth comb treatment.

It clearly needs to be said over and over again; there is no “investing” in Sevco, only pouring cash down a bottomless pit.

It swallows money quicker than the Ministry of Defence. Most people smart enough to acquire large sums of money are smart enough to hold onto it instead of pissing it away on vanity projects for the extras from a George Romero movie.

Alex Rae appears not to get it.

But that’s why they chose him to deliver the message in the first place.

As dumb as a box of rocks and a big mouth to boot.

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