The Self Inhalor: Brendan Rodgers Latest Excuses Continue To Reveal His Rampant Narcissism.

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The Righteous Brothers had it bang on.

When it comes to Brendan Rodgers, we have definitely lost that loving feeling.

It’s gone, gone, gone … and no getting on his knees is going to change it.

Not that he’s inclined to do that, not that he has any intention of doing so.

The country singer Toby Keith wrote a song once called “How Do You Like Me Now?”

It’s basically a tune about a famous singer who gets off on the thought that the girl who jilted him has to listen to him on the radio and know he’s done well whilst she lives a trailer park life with a guy who treats her like dirt.

I wonder if Keith ever realised that, as amusing as the song is in parts and how catchy the tune, the narrator is such a tit that she made the right call?

Because, for the vast majority of people, life with such a gloating megalomaniac would be even worse than whatever Hell on earth he images she’s living in.

Rodgers is that guy.

It’s the sort of thing you can imagine him taking pleasure in, a testament to how wonderful he is and always was and doubters be damned.

If it wasn’t for all his self-serving bull, you could maybe see him through the prism of the narrator of another song – Warren Zevon’s “Looking For The Next Best Thing” – but that guy was talking about perfection and standards and always trying to be better.

There’s not a hint of self-love in that song, and that’s where Rodgers’ chatter always ends up.

With how good he is.

And for a long time that was all we could see.

It’s the stunning, devastating, take-down at the end of another Zevon song that I think of now when I think of Rodgers; the remarkable (and yet lyrically majestic) verse in “The French Inhaler”, when his narrator talks about the moment he sees, properly, the woman he’s been talking to all night in a dark and dingy Hollywood bar, the woman who said she was an actress.

“Loneliness and frustration,
We both came down with an acute case.
And when the lights came up at two
I caught a glimpse of you
And your face looked like
Something Death brought with him in his suitcase.”

Yes, it’s a helluva thing when that spell is broken, and you see things for what they are, when the totality of the illusion you get from what Zevon, in the same song, called “drugs and wine and flattering light” is shattered and it’s bright enough to see straight.

None of us is in the slightest doubt now as to the character of the man we thought of as a hero, a part of our special club, someone who “got it.”

The lies he told in that time, the invented stories, which in hindsight were all really about him and not Celtic at all … it’s all been laid bare.

We all know who this guy is now, we all know what this guy is all about.

Will Rodgers ever show the slightest humility and actually apologise to us?

When Hell freezes over maybe

When Hell freezes over maybe

The next time he's desperate for a job

The next time he's desperate for a job

We understand that Rodgers has no guilt over what he did, that he believes that what is right for him is the right thing, no matter the effects on anyone or anything else.

Rodgers is like a guy who walked out on his missus – apt as he once did – claiming that, in fact, now he’s happy again she should accept that he was right to have done it.

Now that he’s no longer Celtic manager, it is impossible not to read everything he says and see in it how self-centred he is.

He really is his absolute first love.

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