This Is How Far Ahead Celtic Are; The Media Is Eulogising King For Expensive Failure.

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The AGM’s are over, and as usual they were damp squibs.

The Celtic shareholders pressed Resolution 12 but left other matters alone entirely.

The Sevco one turned into a love-in with a teary Dave King plucking the heart strings, probably prior to plucking at wallets.

I’ll cover Celtic’s tomorrow; it’s been too long a day for that tonight.

But I have enjoyed Sevconia’s response to King’s impending departure.

None of it questions, in the least, his reasoning. He wants to spend more time with the family business? Aye, right. None of it questions how much he’s really put into the club. None of it asks what comes next. This is all hilarious enough for me, but what tickles the funny bone is this.

Their gratitude is amazing! The gushing outpouring of it. The suggestion that he should have a statue; the Memorial To The Cunning Pickpocket maybe. The whole thing is brilliant. What makes me laugh most, though is the very fact of it.

Some consider him the greatest chairman in their history; I suppose so, if they’ve rejected the Survival Lie and embraced reality.

But if they’re talking about Rangers then I’d suggest I am more aware of their background than they are, because although they’ve had dodgy geezers in that office before King is definitely the most crooked, the biggest liar and with the least for them to feel grateful about.

I think it’s a backhanded compliment to us.

They are celebrating what?

Second place and no trophies.

King’s had nearly five years at the club.

Last season was the first one in which they even managed the second spot.

Two cup finals in that time? Really?

For a spend of close to £50 million.

Jesus, you’d want a bigger return for your money if you were in his shoes.

He has lost every major battle he has fought. Ashley has owned him time and time again. He played right to the last card against the Takeover Panel, but the whole run was a series of reversals, one after the other. He complied, finally, on threat of jail and they cold shouldered him anyway. Celtic has missed Champions League Group Stage football two years in a row; he said it would only take one for us to collapse “like a house of cards.”

Yet here we stand. For all the honey being poured on him we’re top of the league. We’re also in the cup final, and favourites to win.

We’ve already qualified from our European group whilst they continue to sweat theirs. We’ve got the best squad, the better manager, more money … King will leave behind him a club still mired in debt, in scandal, in court cases. He will leave them still seeking a retail partner for next season, still seeking a major trophy … and possibly with a manager on the brink. Again.

Didn’t they once have all these high standards?

Didn’t they once have some commitment to never accepting less than being first?

Now they commemorate losers and honour defeat.

This is what we’ve reduced them to.

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The Ibrox crisis started to get real when the bank who had been keeping Rangers afloat started to sweat at the height of the financial crisis. Who were Rangers’ and Murray’s bankers before being taken over?

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