As McInnes Wails After Another Celtic Defeat, His New Chairman Has A Decision To Make.

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There’s always something with this guy, always something.

Today it’s Kris Ajer, winking from the turf, after a shocking tackle from Sam Cosgrove, for which the Aberdeen player was deservedly red carded. It was the turning point. Something separate from tactics and from attitude and application. Bad luck is all, or cheating.

Depends on which you choose, if you believe McInnes. As usual, he himself bears no responsibility for the reversal. As usual, his team has come to Glasgow, to our house this time, and bottled it. As usual they’ve left with nothing. Nothing but his excuses.

His team was well beat yesterday, but it wasn’t his fault. In a sense it wasn’t, of course; he simply came up against a far better football team than his own. But he will never give us credit for that, because he never has before. The man can’t stand us.

Aberdeen’s chairman is leaving. There aren’t many Dons fans who will be sad to see the back of him.

The new chairman has a big decision to make about their manager. I don’t believe he will be inclined to support this loser much longer. If he has ambitions – and he talks a very good game – then he will be watching his manager with interest … and some scepticism.

Did McInnes get support from his board? Not a lot of it, no.

Milne never had any real interest in trying to overhaul us and he was quite happy to sit on his backside and do nothing as Sevco crept up the league system, spending money it didn’t have the whole way. If Milne had any balls at all, any ambition for his club, he’d have at least made sure second spot was secured for them.

He and McInnes both allowed that chance to slip away.

McInnes is never going to take Aberdeen forward. To be the best you need to be better than the rest; Gerrard and Sevco have spent £20 million in two years trying to achieve that. It’s difficult to miss when the other clubs can’t afford a tenth of that … Aberdeen could have pushed the boat out just enough to have done the same, a long time back.

So their new chairman will have to decide whether they want to try.

If they do, I do not believe that McInnes will be at the helm.

Because that man is a loser, and after yesterday’s game it was more loser talk, more blaming extraneous factors.

I would welcome a challenge from Aberdeen, a club that plays by the rules and which has a rich history as both a challenger and a champion.

The Ferguson does may be done, but good days can still lie ahead for the club, and we would benefit from such an opponent, especially as any rivalry would be based on football reasons and not hyped hatred.

It won’t happen with that joker in the dugout.

Keeping him, or not, might be the biggest and most important decision their new chairman makes.

I hope they get it right.

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