Barmy Sevco Fan Site Denies Reality Over Their Club’s Parkhead Ticket Allocation.

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Regular readers may have wondered what happened to our running commentary on the madness over on Ibrox Noise.

The reason we’ve not focussed over much on their lunacy lately is that they’ve gone from the news aggregators.

Rest assured, they are still writing insane stuff and I’ll get back to focussing on some of the crazier articles in due course.

But they are not the only barmy Sevco site out there, of course. There are others. One of them calls itself Rangers News. It is an awful site, full of appalling pieces, but I generally avoid writing about them although our club is a frequent subject on there.

The reason I’m writing about this today is that they published a ridiculous piece the other day after Lennon made reference to the Parkhead ticketing situation, wherein he stated – and truthfully – that Celtic simply reacted to what the Ibrox club had done.

Rangers News disputes this, for some reason.

In an article entitled “Neil Lennon makes bizarre Rangers ticket claim about Old Firm” the writer James Black makes a wholly ridiculous point.

“Quite how Celtic’s decision to slash the number of tickets made available to Rangers fans wasn’t Celtic’s decision isn’t particularly obvious but Lennon is adamant it isn’t Celtic’s fault.”

I know these Peepul are dumb but this would not be complicated even for the stupidest person.

When Sevco started threatening to cut the allocation this website reported on what Celtic’s response would be.

It wasn’t a secret.

It was a matter of club policy, and the Ibrox directors were well aware of it.

Our response was automatic, and they knew it.

The article ends on a lunatic note; “Despite suggesting otherwise, the decision to cut the allocation of Rangers fans at Celtic Park was wholly down to Celtic – even if it came as a response to Rangers making moves on their own. The big difference is that Rangers stopped giving Celtic the Broomloan to allow more Gers fans to buy season tickets while Celtic’s was done out of pettiness.”

That whole article reeks of pettiness.

It is amazing to me that they are still bitching and wailing about this, something that was entirely the fault of their own club.

Had they not done it we’d not have done it.

Their behaviour reeked of fear and their complaining about it a full season later reeks of fear. In the interim we’ve gone to Ibrox and won … now it’s their turn to come to Celtic Park, where they’ve lost twice since this was introduced, and they are scared.

I never cease to be amazed at the different ways the loser mentality of their fans comes across.

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