Celtic’s Europa League Run Could Net Us Two Thirds Of Our Champions League Cash.

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If Celtic can get past the next round of the Europa League, our pay-out for the competition could be in the vicinity of £20 million, which is two thirds of what we would have made by getting to the Groups of the Champions League.

Obviously, this highlights the importance of Champions League qualification, but the numbers are sweeter than they’ve ever been.

A good run in the Europa League can make a huge difference, and this year, in particular, where we drew clubs from two of Europe’s top countries – France and Italy – and beat them. Apart from prize money, the share of the TV pool is going to be substantial.

We are guaranteed a minimum of £14 million, before we even calculate what we’ll make in gate receipts and TV money for the next round.

But the real jackpot could lie in wait if we can get through that tie. Of course, any round with “final” in it – whether it’s quarters, semi’s or the big one – is going to generate huge interest and cash on top of it.

We need a favourable draw … but we don’t need it as much as we would if we were struggling.

We are doing so well in European games in this campaign that we really don’t need to fear anyone at the moment.

Why shouldn’t we think we can go further?

Over at Ibrox, they see everything through the prism of finance and money, and indeed that’s how this article started out.

But we’ve always been about more than that, we’ve always wanted to test ourselves and be credible at that level and that – more than the money – is what we want to see continue in the course of this campaign.

But the financial rewards are nice, and there’s no point in denying it.

They keep us ahead of the other lot, they make it easier to do business in the marketplace, they keep our top performers happy.

This is important stuff, and the further we go the bigger the rewards will be.

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