Chris Jack Thinks Lennon Will “Settle For A Draw” On Sunday. What A Clown That Man Is.

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Chris Jack is not going to win any awards for his monster intellect.

I’ve always thought was as dumb as a bag of rocks.

He is also hopefully biased.

He has never given a sensible opinion on any matter relating to his favourite club.

It is beyond his limited comprehension.

The Evening Times got all of its key writers to give their opinions on this weekend’s game the other day.

All but one of them took Celtic to win.

The one who didn’t was Chris Jack. He tipped the draw.

Not even he will go so far as to suggest that the Ibrox club can do what no other club in the country has been able to for almost two years.

He took a 1-1 draw, stating that is was the most likely result because both managers would take the draw if asked. He wrote that yesterday.

Today Lennon was asked. He did not say he would settle for a draw.

Quite the opposite.

Lennon wants to win this game and knows that his team will if they show up and do the business properly.

Lennon wants this title race won before the next phase even starts.

A guaranteed five-point cushion and an eight-point lead on the board will give him us a decisive advantage, but not one we will relax on. Lennon never relaxes and never goes into any game looking for a draw, and certainly not at home.

He would never think in those terms against Gerrard, a manager he has beaten home, away and on neutral ground, four times out of six.

Celtic goes into this game with confidence soaring.

We have eleven league wins on the bounce.

We have just beaten Jack’s rag-bag mob in a cup final in spite of being badly off form. There is no earthly way Lennon would “settle for a draw” in any circumstances, but certainly not these. Gerrard can’t afford a draw either, by the way, but would definitely take one.

Jack is a desperado.

Maybe this is what helps him sleep at night, the idea that Celtic might not press because we don’t have to.

What a clown that man is.

The media keeps on telling us that this is the closest title race we’ve had in years, but some of them still think we’ll take our foot off the gas and allow Sevco to close the gap.

This is the only hope they have, by the way.

I suppose that’s why Jack is clinging to it like a drowning man grabbing a rubber ring.

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