Gerrard Has An Excuse For Every Setback That Hits Sevco. If Celtic Wins This Weekend, He’ll Be Almost Out Of Them.

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The Sevco websites take their cue from authority figures inside the club. This is not new. Whilst Celtic sites frequently cast a distrustful eye at the goings on within Parkhead, the Ibrox fan sites do the very opposite. Every word out of the inner sanctum is treated as gospel.

Can it really be eight years since a guy called Craig Whyte told their fans, around about this time of year, that they had nothing to worry about and that the club was in good hands?

Yes, indeed it has.

Weeks later, they had sold Nikica Jelavic and shortly after that, when the window closed, they were freefalling towards administration.

But at the time, he was believed.

You saw much the same thing happen recently at their AGM when King was allowed to frame his coming departure as a triumphant exit rather than an inglorious retreat under fire. The media plays a role in all this, of course, but they wouldn’t get away with any of it if the Ibrox faithful were not so gullible and ready to believe anything.

But one of the most pitiful of all is the way the fans accept, without question, the words that come out of the manager’s mouth.

His attempt to pressure all referees by telling the press that he got an apology from John Beaton in midweek is undisguised. But so too it’s another example of this guy’s total inability to accept that he might be responsible for their dropping points himself. Gerrard has done this before and before and before.

After any setback, out come the excuses. Up goes the smokescreen.

The result at Pittodrie was only a bad one if you consider that Aberdeen should have won the game; in point of fact, Gerrard’s team was lucky to escape with a point. Once the home team realised that they were there for the taking they made all the running and were far and away the better side. For all that, you cannot let the Sevco boss off the hook.

At several points in the match it became clear that they were under the gun. He seemed frozen in place, unable to change things. This site has talked about his lack of a Plan B before; when he runs into trouble Gerrard cannot think of a way out of it.

Let me tell you something; although nobody at Ibrox has the first clue how Celtic are going to line-up for this game, or even what formation we’ll play – don’t be surprised if Lennon shocks us all with the playing system – our coaching team will have a very good idea how they will line up.

Gerrard does not have the imagination for effective experimentation.

They have no plan to deal with us, besides hoping key Celtic players are out of the team or that we just don’t show up in the mood to do business.

Just think for a moment on what Tavernier said yesterday; “It all comes down to who wants it more on the day.” This is the most ridiculous nonsense, as if tactics and talent and genuine players of quality don’t factor into it at all. This is Gerrard talking through his captain.

I agree that Celtic’s attitude needs to be right on the day; if it is then only one team will win. It doesn’t matter how much Sevco players “want it” … we’ve all seen examples of someone who wants something badly enough to do anything for it.

But if you don’t have the raw materials for success then you’re not going to make it.

Gerrard has spent the last few days hiding behind a disputed penalty decision.

Doubtless he will find some excuse if Sunday goes the way we think it will. If Celtic deliver a heavy beating – certainly not out-with the realms of possibility – he will throw his players under the bus. What he will not do, not for one minute, is look at his own failings.

This stuff has a limited shelf-life. Once King departs Ibrox, their board is going to have to make an emotionless calculation about what the man in the manager’s office is worth.

If he’s sitting several points behind Celtic in the league race and we’ve already secured the first domestic trophy of the season they have to ask themselves if he’s done enough or if he shows signs of getting it right.

Sooner or later, all bad managers run out of excuses.

The first people to stop listening are those in the stands.

It takes Sevco fans a while to engage reality, but when they do they are relentless in wanting to force out the door anyone not up to par.

Gerrard will learn that the hard way, unless he and his agents are busy orchestrating his Ibrox exit.

There are a few jobs in England now that would suit him; a guy surrounded by hype more than achievement, a guy who seems a modest risk.

Whilst I would caution any of those clubs – in my view we’re talking about Ally McCoist with money to spend – the lower reaches of the EPL are obsessed by bling and a Watford style club might just take the punt.

If you haven’t done the Sevco liquidation quiz yet do it below … another quiz will be up during the week! 

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