Gordon Smith’s Is A Conspiracy Theorist Who Worked For Craig Whyte. His Cup Final Comments Are Risible.

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Remember Ian Malcolm?

He’s the guy Jeff Goldblum played in Jurassic Park.

In the book and the movie, Ian Malcolm’s field of knowledge is something called chaos theory.

I’ve always enjoyed the concept.

The book has a vivid description of what it relates to.

Standard math theory says that if you hit a snooker ball off the cushion you can predict where it will go on the table. Good players do this all the time. But theoretically, if the ball were to keep moving you could actually predict where it will be hours down the line, right?

For a long time maths theorists would have said so.

They’d have been wrong.

Because as Malcolm explains in the book, small matters start to have big effects.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

Imperfections on the ball, the exact shape of the wood of the table, even the hairs on the green felt, all start to mess with the maths and after only a very short time the ball would be nowhere near where you expected it to be and further predictions would be just as useless.

That’s chaos theory in a nutshell. We sometimes call it the “butterfly effect”.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term. It comes from the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world can actually change the weather in another part of the world. The central thesis behind that idea might not be scientifically sound, but the point is about unpredictability.

The concept of non-linear dynamics hardly needs to be spelled out in terms of football.

Everything is effected by everything else.

It is so self-explanatory that I am frequently astounded by people who do not understand it or realise its implications.

Today Gordon Smith is all over the papers making a risible claim that Sevco would have won the cup had VAR been used in Scotland.

He says that on the day we were not an attacking force.

He says that the Ibrox club would have been able to pick us off had we not resorted to defensive play when down to ten men.

All of this is pure and simple bollocks.

From the point of view of chaos theory, it’s quite easy to see that his argument is all over the place.

Had the goal been disallowed it would have been a free kick to Sevco.

The ball would not have been placed in the centre circle for the re-start.

Nothing of what followed would have been the same as it was; the moment Morelos went down in the box under Frimpong would never have taken place … there would have been no ten man Celtic, and Eddie was on the park.

We were just starting to get a grip on things when Frimpong was red-carded.

I can’t say for sure we’d have won, but I’d have put my money on it.

We are the stronger team. We have the stronger mentality.

We have the better players and the better manager.

Frimpong was routing them on the right. I can only imagine how good he would have linked up with Eddie.

Is Gordon Smith the worst CEO in the history of the SFA?

Yes he is

Yes he is

No Regan is

No Regan is

And this is just the science of why nobody should be listening to this clown talking this tripe. There are other reasons. Let’s start with this one; the article is a bunch of self-serving cobblers, with Smith trying to reinvent himself as an innovator who had Big Ideas.

But Gordon Smith has never had an original thought in his life.

His time at the SFA was a litany of disasters and embarrassments.

He was a joke as an administrator … so much so that, if you recall, Stewart Regan was greeted with acclaim upon his appointment. That’s how bad Smith was, that the personality free zone we plucked from God knows where initially looked good.

Smith is also a purveyor of Follow Follow ideologies and conspiracy theories. He was famously slapped down once during a Radio Scotland debate – by Jim Traynor no less – for trying to drag Celtic into UEFA’s first investigation of sectarian singing at Ibrox.

He defended the songs being belted out by the Peepul in a way that was so nauseating Traynor asked him “What part of F the Pope do you not think is sectarian Gordon?”

Then, shortly before he was appointed as the CEO at the SFA he wrote a chapter for a book in which he alleged that the organisation he was about to end up at had, for years, pursued an agenda against the Ibrox club. This was the SFA which was, at the time, headed up by a man who was sitting on a decade of cheating in which he played an active role on the club’s behalf.

On top of this, his judgement has to be called into serious question.

That anyone would listen to a word that comes out of his mouth is ridiculous, to be frank.

He ended up doing the CEO job at Ibrox after leaving Hampden, and this should be disqualifying in and of itself when it comes to his being taken seriously as “neutral” but it was Craig Whyte he went to work for, and he was one of the guys who had his hands on the tiller when the ship went down.

If he knew what Whyte was up to, in with-holding tax revenues and the rest of it then as far as I’m concerned he was complicit in a fraud against all those left out of pocket. If he didn’t know then he’s the most clueless chief executive there ever was. The idea that he had no idea what the organisation he was effectively running was up to ought to be the opening line in his career obituary. Not a single person anywhere should be taking this joker seriously.

And indeed, few do … the editors at The Daily Record are not amongst the enlightened though, which should come as no surprise to any of us.

They couldn’t wait to get this eejit’s idiotic thoughts into print because they allowed them to continue pushing this nonsensical narrative about how we rode our luck to the League Cup.

I understand why they are clinging to this, but when you have to dragoon a discredited fool like this into your argument you are already beaten.

Our cup win yesterday continues our utter dominance of the hapless Ibrox NewCo … but how well do you know the history of our successes over them? Try our new quiz and find out. You can click this link or on the first question above .. 

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