If Celtic Are Going To Win This Title A Few Things Have To Change

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Today’s result is disappointing.

We have a squad that should be more than capable of out playing the team from Ibrox.

Yet, the score line shows that we have failed to do that. What lessons can be taken from the game today?

We need to bring in some players in the January transfer window.

Simply relying on Edouard is no longer viable, and Griffiths simply doesn’t look ready to be back.

Mikey Johnson looks like he could become a decent player, but isn’t there yet.

We need to hope Neil Lennon thinks carefully about the team selection.

There were players today who started, who simply shouldn’t have. Bolingoli was the big one for me. He isn’t consistent and this was too big a game to be taking chances on. We have a very competent squad, and I hope Neil Lennon makes use of it going forward.

The major lesson that I want us to learn is this; it might make us happy to believe that they aren’t in any position to launch a title challenge, but sadly it just isn’t true.

They are. They are doing it.

And we need to recognise this and change our attitude accordingly.

It’s still not time for panic – it’s only one game after all – however, today they wanted the win more and it definitely showed.

We can still go on and win the league, however, something has to change if we are to continue being the dominant force of Scottish football.

Dropping points every now and then is only to be expected, however we cannot continue with the mind-set that simply turning up is enough.

It isn’t, we have to perform every week, every game.

If we don’t, it will cost us dearly.

N.B – the final lesson we learned is the Morelos STILL can’t score against us.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and he got exactly what he deserved when he was sent off today.

Hayley Dickson is a Celtic fan and frequent contributor on the Celtic Facebook pages. 

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