Keith Jackson’s Cup Final Match Report Is An Insult To Celtic And What We’ve Achieved.

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Who scored Celtic’s goal at the weekend? Christopher Jullien, right?

That’s what I thought too.

Who was the man of the match who, amongst other things, saved a penalty kick? That was Fraser Forster, right?

He plays for us, am I correct? You know, I thought as much.

This is why Keith Jackson’s take on the match is so interesting; he appears to believe that Celtic’s cup final win was due to Alfredo Morelos, who the last I heard of it had been playing for Sevco.

In Jackson’s world, the heroics of Celtic’s players wasn’t a factor.

We won because Morelos just had an off day.

What an insult that is to every one of our footballers, and especially to our goal scorer and goalkeeper, both of whom were excellent. That Jackson would so readily write-off their contribution to the match in favour of this fiction is pretty abysmal, even for him.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

I am going to try and puncture a few myths about the game later on today, but one of the biggest myths that went bust wasn’t about the game at all, it was about Morelos himself.

It was this idea that he belongs on the big stage.

He doesn’t have the mentality for the big stage.

This wasn’t him off-form, this was him performing at his best … and it wasn’t nearly good enough.

Fraser Forster, on the other hand, does belong at the highest level of the game.

So too does our goal-scorer Christopher Jullien. Odsonne Edouard does. Jeremie Frimpong does. And those were just three Celtic players who did raise their game to meet the occasion … others have proven themselves time and again and don’t need to have their records defended.

This Celtic team, as a collective, has earned the highest praise because they have accomplished things.

They’ve not talked about accomplishing things and been feted for it in the media.

One team won and one team lost the game at the weekend; the media is praising the losers although the winners have just piled history on top of history.

Jackson’s article aims to remove all credit from those footballers; what a disgraceful way to write about the most successful team in Scottish football’s modern era, and one of the most successful teams in the history of the game here.

If an Ibrox club had achieved half of it they would be hailed as legends, ranked amongst the greats.

I said it yesterday; we’re not going to get the credit we deserve for what we’ve done already.

The only thing we can do is just keep piling up the wins and the honours and the trophies and the titles until the hacks choke on it.

Our cup win yesterday continues our utter dominance of the hapless Ibrox NewCo … but how well do you know the history of our successes over them? Try our new quiz and find out. You can click this link or on the first question above .. 

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