Lennon Was Right To Take A Swing At Kris Boyd Yesterday. But Why Was It Left To Him?

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The press conference yesterday where Neil Lennon had a pop at Kris Boyd threw up an interesting question for me; why was it necessary for Lennon to comment on the ex-Kilmarnock player’s rank nonsense? Why was it left to our manager to knock this crap down?

There is an entire industry of which Boyd is now a member part of whose job it is to talk up our national sport.

These people relentlessly promote the sale of Celtic players, and run with equally ridiculous stuff about Morelos being worth £50 million, and how Juventus scouts are in the stands of Ibrox watching a player who was available for £50,000.

Our press-rooms must be filled with people who know how stupid his comments were.

So how come it took our manager to sit there yesterday and say Boyd was talking absolute bollocks? How come our manager ended up being responsible for voicing what everyone in Scottish football surely knew? And his criticism of Boyd didn’t miss at all.

“Petty jealousy” is what Lennon called it, and that is exactly what it was.

I might have been joking the other day when I wrote about how he doesn’t think there’s been a great player in Scotland since he hung up his own boots, but I wasn’t kidding … Boyd is a big headed clown who has always thought he was a better footballer than he actually was.

Lennon did not miss him. He called out his comments mercilessly, and there’s not one of us who wouldn’t agree with what he said. I don’t think a single person in the room would have disagreed … it’s just that Lennon is the only one who was willing to say it.

This bothers me. Because those comments were made on national TV, and as I said at the weekend it is bad enough that we put this halfwit out there in the first place without his making stupid remarks like that to further embarrass our sport.

There should have been a host of our hacks and managers lining up to take him to school over those clownish comments. As usual, Lennon has shown more bottle than all the rest of them put together. If it wasn’t for him, Boyd would have got away with that.

Boyd may or may not have been “trying to be controversial”, but it just proves what I wrote here at the weekend; it is not controversial to sit and talk absolute garbage.

It is exactly what Lennon called it yesterday; “idiotic.”

But what else do you expect from a stone-cold idiot?

Boyd is that and more; he may be the worst example of journalistic dumbing down we’ve seen in Scottish football for years.

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