Lennon’s Anger Over The Media’s Questions Today Shows How Focussed We Are On Tomorrow.

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Neil Lennon cut short his press conference today because our media – forever obsessed with the idea that Sevco is on our coat tails – would not stop asking him about the cup final at the weekend.

It was the only thing they wanted to discuss, although Lennon kept trying to steer them back to the far more pressing matter of the game tomorrow night.

To me, this shows the drive and determination at the heart of the Celtic operation right now.

I have written a few times about how this club never focusses on anything but the next date on the calendar and it’s true.

This is how we don’t feel pressure over these sort of occasions; they are never “real” until they are there, right in front of us.

Lennon said that their questions were disrespectful to tomorrow night’s opponents, Hamilton.

He was right.

They are also disrespectful to Aberdeen, and in fact Gerrard was asked even stupider questions such as whether he’d thought about “resting” Morelos with the weekend in mind.

What a ridiculous thing to ask him; he’s not leaving his top scorer out for a visit to Pittodrie.

The media is building Sunday’s game into a do-or-die affair.

For us, it’s important if we’re going to secure the fourth treble – even writing that brings me out in a smile – but Lennon, when he was in the mood to discuss it today, said something that the media hasn’t even considered and which Gerrard will not; win or lose on Sunday, it’s not going to decide the season.

Lennon has identified the league as being his key priority, and of course it is.

Which is why, for him, the game tomorrow is every bit as important as the one at the weekend.

Lennon will want to win the cup, of course he will, but he knows what matters here.

The media is relentlessly focussed on this one match, and that has damn all to do with Celtic and everything to do with boosting their narrative that Sevco is suddenly the biggest club in the land. That won’t be decided this weekend whoever wins; we’re the biggest club in the country by a mile, and by every measurable standard, and the only way that will change is if we’re second in the league and it’s mathematically impossible for us to win it.

This team is successful because it is driven.

It has more focus than any team I’ve seen at Celtic Park in my life.

The only game that matters is the next one.

Once tomorrow night is out of the way this whole club will be focussed on Sunday … and the arrogant clowns at Ibrox will seriously wish that we were not.

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