Lennon’s Kris Boyd Slap Down Drew The Predictable, Crayon-Tossing Response …

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Let’s be clear here; it’s every hacks prerogative to write garbage. Quite what national titles are thinking about when they publish it is another matter entirely. That should be left up to them and their readerships … if they manage to keep any.

Kris Boyd writes something that is worse than drivel. Somewhere, lawyers for drivel file suit every time he puts an article into print.

He would embarrass world class purveyors of dreck. His own work soars far below mere mediocrity; it inhabits a dimension of awfulness which is all its own.

Everyone knows that Lennon slapped him around earlier in the week; Boyd deserved it for the bollocks that came out of his mouth.

He talked down the Scottish game.

He insulted our country’s players, all of them.

Our manager did what Boyd’s own colleagues should have done, and called him out on it.

He called Boyd’s comments “idiotic.”

He said they were a product of jealousy. He was correct on both counts.

Boyd responded this weekend, with a typical shrieking fit. He doubled down on his previous remarks and tried out some fourth-rate humour about time machines and us re-signing Henrik Larsson.

He came across like a bad Boris Johnson impersonator.

The crayons were tossed. The sulking face came out. All in all, it is pretty pathetic.

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Boyd’s problem is that he believes only those in the so-called media have a right to have their say. I’ve seen him spit the dummy before when he’s been called out on some of what’s come out of his mouth or gone into his columns; he gives out plenty of abuse and criticism but is wholly incapable of taking any. His childish tantrums are pathetic.

I’ll be Neil Lennon was smiling when he heard about this latest rant. It came amidst Boyd’s prediction for the game tomorrow – a Sevco win, surprise surprise.

His rationale was ludicrous, like everything else he says. He admits that the Ibrox defence worries him because they are unreliable and crack under pressure … but he says that tomorrow they will do the exact opposite and give the game of their lives and that will ensure Sevco wins.

Contradictory bollocks, like a lot else he comes out with.

He wants Sevco to win and so has constructed a desperate rationale for why they will … not a single brain cell has been engaged in the process.

Nonsense is like this is why we laugh at him and marvel that a single media outlet thinks paying him to talk this crap is worth their money.

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