Other Clubs Should Be Demanding To Know Why The SFA Is Writing Cheques To Sevco.

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This morning, the Record revealed that the in the event Scotland qualifies for Euro 2020 that the SFA intends to blank its own training complex, assembled at enormous expense, for Sevco’s Hummel facility. The “booking” has already been made apparently.

This is outrageous. The press might want to make this into a story about the quality of the Ibrox club’s amenities but it’s a damned scandal that the governing body is writing a cheque to them when there’s a perfectly good alternative that it owns itself.

What the Hell did they spend all the money for if they were simply going to use Auchenhowie?

Has the SFA bought a white elephant?

There should be an inquiry into this affair, not least of which because it ensures the Ibrox club a payday it would otherwise not have had.

This is the SFA helping out a club in dire financial straits by throwing a few quid at them.

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If this was the government bailing out a company, it would be called State Aid. You know, that thing which at least one rabid Sevco blogger bangs on about constantly? There are reasons why it is frowned upon. And this story is even more concerning than it seems.

Because this grubby deal was actually agreed under the last Scotland coaching team … you know, the one presided over by Alex McLeish? This is nothing short of a hand-out, signed, sealed and delivered by their big mate and an EBT recipient.

Just when you thought our “governing body” couldn’t be any shadier looking.

This deal belongs s in the bin. Scottish football isn’t run for the benefit of one club, and for the SFA to have poured money into a facility of their own just to ditch in favour of one owned by a club is, at the very minimum, a sterling example of their incompetence for which somebody should swing.

This one is literally senseless, one of the stupidest decisions I’ve ever heard of unless it was taken solely to give the club at Ibrox cash that belongs to other clubs.

It stinks to high heaven. Chairman at every level should be up in arms over it.

The media should be hollering through megaphones demanding transparency and a full accounting of how this rancid decision was taken.

The paying public deserves no less.

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