Sevco Celebrates Escaping UEFA Justice. But This Is Why They Never Learn A Thing.

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Tonight Sevconia is cock-a-hoop at having escaped sanctions over the sectarian singing that marred their tie in Holland.

In spite of the songs being clearly audible to many in the press corps UEFA’s match delegate did not mention the bigotry in his report.

Sevco fans are not relieved; they are angry that this matter was ever raised in the first place.

If this was our club not only would many of us have been scathing towards the fans responsible, but we’d all be feeling an immense sense of relief tonight.

Many of their supporters don’t even believe they did anything wrong. From whatabouttery to flat-out denial that “[email protected]@@ the Pope” and other insults against the Catholic faith constitutes sectarianism, they live in a world of their own where anything is permissible as long as they think it’s alright.

There is little sign they realise they were courting disaster here far less that this kind of stuff is just wrong in every way.

They are not just blind; they are completely disconnected from reality.

The oft-told wisdom is that “the burned hand teaches best”; in the previous article, on the total moral failure of the Celtic board, I said that our refusal to act on stuff like Resolution 12 and other issues had made future crimes against us more likely. This is because without consequences, the Ibrox operations never learn where the line is, and so cross it with abandon.

Look at their websites and forums tonight; aside from openly gloating – some of it against their own supporters, those who were ashamed of the singing that night and feared the repercussions – there is flat-out denial that the singing even took place … is an open invite to those who were engaged it in to push their luck a little farther next time, and many of them will.

Sevco watched the tightrope here, slipped and got away with it.

All that does is encourage further bravado. UEFA have made a mistake here; Sevco has not been cleared of anything nor vindicated in any way. They have been the beneficiaries of a stunning piece of good fortune, that’s all. Next time, they are going to get hit where it hurts.

And there will be a next time, of course.

You can take that to the bank.

If you never pay the consequences, how can you ever expect to learn?

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