Sevco’s Incredible Celtic Game Cash Grab Has Their Fans Foaming Mad. It’s Just The Start Of The Using.

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One of the best stories of the day was sent to me very early this morning – and I want to thank my mucker Mike Gallagher for that, although what he thought I’d be doing up at 5am is a mystery – and it’s had me laughing all day long.

Whenever Celtic play at Ibrox, I usually have a choice between the Celtic Park beam-back and my good friend’s house.

Craig is a much better host than Celtic.

Both put on a nice spread, but Celtic charge for a ticket whereas Craig usually throws in some spirits and on one riotous occasion I think I drank a full bottle of something … talk about taking advantage of someone’s generosity!

Craig could have charged me a few quid for that day, even after the fact.

Had he itemised every sausage roll and shot of the good stuff, had he thrown in interest for my presumption, had he added extra just for the hell of it, he’d still not have come close to the price that Sevco are set to charge their own fans for attending a beam-back at Ibrox on 29 December.

Whereas Craig’s house is a freebie free-for-all (he even cools all our beers in his bath) and Celtic Park charges a fiver and throws in a plate of steak pies per table, Sevco is charging its supporters a whopping £36 a head to watch it in one of the Ibrox lounges.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Thirty-six quid.

The same price as the average match ticket for their ground. It is a rip-off of epic proportions.

We all know they are in a perilous financial position, and that their own fans would have to pay for the debts at some point, but isn’t that ripping it a little?

These guys are going to be sitting in a lounge watching it on a big-screen.

You can do that in your local and not be charged a penny.

If that’s the price of a ticket to get in, can you imagine what a beer will cost?

It begs the question; are they really this desperate?

Is the fiscal situation over there really so bad that they need to resort to this?

This website always said their supporters would need to pay for the last few years at some point; what this demonstrates is that the paying is going to a lot different than they expected. There are a millions ways to squeeze football fans, and that club is going to have to pursue all of them if they want out from under.

Those who are complaining about this particular wheeze can boycott it as they see fit, but this is only the start of it.

The club will find ways to take them that they haven’t even thought about.

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