Sevco’s Statement Today Is So Deranged And Brazenly Dishonest It Is Astounding.

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One of the subjects we come to over and over again on this website is the degenerate behaviour of the Sevco media team and their official spokesperson. It is worth pointing out that when this person or group of persons sends something forth they are doing so on behalf of the club.

That the club allows some of these statements is telling, and even frightening.

Sevco is a thoroughly corrupted organisation. Sevco has gotten to this sorry pass in a number of ways, and you can trace all of them back to decisions taken early. I don’t believe the club stood a chance of being anything else though.

Founded by a charlatan, on a foundation of brazen lies, one of his first public acts was to stand in front of the media and claim that his club was being discriminated against on sectarian grounds. It was an early act of lying which set the tone.

The hiring of Jim Traynor was another step on the road to their corruption. Dave King’s revolution put a notorious liar and fraudster in the chairman’s seat, and his conduct ever since has proven correct every word we wrote about him when he was swept through the doors on the back of media acclaim. That the SFA has never uttered a word about any of it shows how corrupt they too are. That Celtic allows this is a damning stain on our own boardroom.

We have never confronted the lies. I don’t expect us to start now. With allegations that our fans behaved in a racist manner all over the internet and media their response was pathetic and gutless. It doesn’t come close to confronting what the Ibrox club has said.

Our board is either too weak or is shockingly complacent.

Either way, we have allowed lies and disinformation to enter the public domain without contradiction. Our support has been slandered, and that after two scandalous acts of provocation which, thankfully, didn’t result in any trouble.

But they could have, and especially the second one, Morelos’ gesture as he was walking off the pitch. It doesn’t take a genius to see how that could have sparked mayhem.

Sevco’s statement tonight seeks to do two things; first it seeks to forestall an SFA inquiry into that gesture, and the one from Kent too, and it seeks to push a narrative about Morelos being a victim of a peculiarly Scottish hate campaign.

Based on what? That he scores goals for them? He isn’t the first striker to have done that.

There are some in the media who are content to push the same fraudulent, paranoid narrative.

They will lap up Sevco’s demented statement tonight.

That’s all the more reason it should be challenged.

Sevco’s claim that Morelos’ gesture was a typical one in South America is half true.

It would certainly be recognisable to the criminal scum of the drug cartels back in Colombia, but to pretend that it signifies the end of a sporting contest is an insult to the intelligence of even the stupidest person. This will not stop our media accepting it, and it might even be enough for the SFA.

For the rest of us that is a falsehood so blatant that it is offensive.

Only an idiot would accept that as an explanation and only a distinctly immoral organisation would dare to offer it as mitigation instead of disciplining their wayward player. This gesture is so widely understood for what it is that sections of the Colombian press have called it “a stain on his career”, so if there is a conspiracy against him it must extend to their media as well.

Either that or the Unseen Fenian Hand definitely works in mysterious ways and has a reach that the KGB would have given anything for.

Tonight’s Ibrox statement is not just an assault on Celtic and our supporters, it is an outrage against truth and decency.

It is a scandalous statement, at the centre of which is a claim so manifestly untrue that nothing in it, including allegations of racist abuse by our fans, should be taken remotely seriously.

The person who wrote that statement has disseminated at least one outright falesehood.

The organisation that released it in its own name is a disgraceful one which will stoop to any low, which will stop at nothing, to smear anyone and everything around them in pursuit of its own ends.

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