Slapping Sevco: How Well Do You Know The History Of Our Beating Up These So-Called Rivals?

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

Well it’s cup final weekend and what else is there to talk about, except that it represents another chance to pour on the agony and the pain for the Sevco supporters.

Since they crawled out of the grave of Rangers in 2012, our record against them has been exceptional. Last season we played 4 won 2 and lost 2; that was an aberration, as we’ve already shown this season by going to Ibrox and getting a resounding, and easy win.

These games are not Old Firm matches; Celtic fans set aside that tag years ago and we have no interest in seeing it resurrected … the only applicable word here as I’m sure you’ll agree.

But we do enjoy “skelping Sevco”, in much the same way as we enjoyed beating up the other Ibrox club. The last few years have seen us enjoy some vintage moments … and they aren’t over yet, of course. These are the good times. These are the days that will sear the souls of their grandchildren and be the stuff of legends for our own.

But how well do you know these glory years? How well do you know the history of Skelping Sevco?

This is our third quiz; the response to the first two has been amazing.

It was obvious what the subject of this one would be.

As with the last one, the first question will be on this article; from the second question onward the text a the bottom of the screen will contain the answer to the previous question; in other words, the answer to question one will be under question two.

Please post your scores and share this quiz on social media; find out who knows the history our glorious matches against this arrogant, but hapless, opponent …

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