Some People Actually Think This Team Is Fatigued. What A Shock They Are In For.

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Today, amidst a long and storming media interview, Callum McGregor had to deny that Celtic are suffering from fatigue.

What a ridiculous assertion that is.

Who the Hell asked a question like that?

Keith Jackson, who thinks Sevco will win on Sunday? Alex Rae, who similarly tipped the Ibrox club? Chris Jack, who will based on … oh, all past experience?

These people really do clutch at every straw they can find.

What a shock they are in for if they believe this garbage. There are a couple of players who are badly need of an extended rest – and there’s no sign of them getting one – but these are supreme athletes and I would bet on them to be able to handle whatever comes their way.

These guys are at their peak. This isn’t the Sevco team with a few over 30’s in it.

Brown and Gordon bring up the average age of a team that is very young. Furthermore – and I hate to bring up psychology again – winning makes people sharp. Winning keeps people fresh. Fatigue is a thing of the mind, or you would call it simple tiredness.

The very reason they are asking this question is that we didn’t blow Hamilton away last night.

Why not? It’s because we played within ourselves.

It’s because we kept as much energy in the tank as we could. We conserved. We scored early and basically sat on our lead, and you know we did that because when we lost the goal we got ourselves up again and won the match within minutes. A fatigued team would have settled for a point.

Honest to God, we get some amount of garbage thrown at this team, but this one really scrapes the bottom of the barrel.

Fatigued? Not in their dreams.

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