Who Wrote The BBC’s Dire Weekend Review? Celtic “Sweating” And “Kent Flying”?

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Honest to God, hot on the heels of my article last week, about how the BBC decided to coax Stewart Milne into claiming that Peter Lawwell has too much influence in Scottish football – for all the good it does us – their “weekend review” contains some outright bunk.

Celtic “sweated” on Saturday?

In which game?

Was there a tiddlywinks competition going on that we scratched our way to a win in?

Because in the game I watched we didn’t sweat at all. Were we a little wasteful in front of goal?

Yes. But no sooner were we in the lead than Cosgrove got himself sent off and that was Aberdeen’s goal threat gone.

We didn’t “sweat” anything. I wrote about how we’ve lost some of our attacking edge by virtue of players playing out of position but at no time was I worried about not getting a result, only about not running up a cricket score.

“Neill Lennon’s league leaders should have been out of sight instead of scrambling for a winner,” this dire guff reads.

Scrambling for a winner? We were playing Aberdeen off the park. They scored with their one attempt on goal. It was one-way traffic.

We didn’t scramble for anything.

We looked like the only team who would win the game … and we did.

The same writer thought Kent was “flying” against Hibs.

There’s only one Kent I know who flies, and it ain’t this one. Superman is not playing SPL football for Sevco.

Their £7 million flop scored a goal and was allowed to breeze about the park, but I didn’t see a shred of evidence that this is a top player.

The writer of this tosh went on to make this dubious claim.

“The winger has demonstrated little of that form so far in an injury-interrupted season, but the way he tormented Hibs, after being gifted an early goal, hints at a breakthrough moment.”

So it’s injuries is it?

Kent has played eleven games now, and in only a handful of moments has he looked like possesses any quality.

A breakthrough moment?

After nearly a dozen matches?

I’ll bet that comes as a relief to the people who wrote the cheques, but I wouldn’t get too excited.

Gifted is the right word to use about his early goal … and really, did he “torment” Hibs as the writer says?

Hibs were certainly very good at tormenting themselves.

Even as Kent has laboured to produce, our midfielders have been doing the business consistently … the other Ryan, Christie, scored again last week, against Hearts … it was his 17th goal of the season. He’s also got 11 assists. He looks like a player worth mega-millions.

Whatever the media might say, and however the media might want to spin it, the league table has us sitting at the top with a five-point lead.

Yes, Sevco has a game in hand but the truth, as everyone knows, is that all that really counts are points on the board.

We have two games to go this month, for a near-perfect scorecard.

Domestically, it will be a perfect scorecard including a League Cup Final triumph.

Nobody should be in the slightest doubt as to who has had the better year, and in particular the better run towards the end of the year.

We always find credit hard to come by.

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