Boyd’s Statement Is A Disgrace Because He Simply Refuses To Accept That He Was Wrong.

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Kris Boyd has released a statement this evening, in the midst of the criticism over his comments about Leigh Griffiths.

It is not an apology.

It is exactly what I suspected it would be and said it would be earlier; it is a dishonest attempt at “clarifying” his remarks.

Nowhere in it is there the slightest contrition.

Nowhere is the slightest acknowledgement that he was wrong.

“Just to be perfectly clear, on Sky Sports on Wednesday other night I mentioned Leigh’s mental STRENGTH in coping with criticism,” he said. Funny that none us remembers that. “I wasn’t talking about his mental health. They’re two totally different things. So if anyone genuinely believes I’d have a go at Leigh Griffiths for problems he’s gone through then, I’m sorry, they are wrong.”

So Boyd would rather point the finger at the rest of us than accept that he should be looking in the mirror and doing some honest to God soul searching.

I said earlier that one should look at John Hartson’s statement, where he apologised fully for the comments he made on Radio Scotland about Morelos’ gesture to the Motherwell fans.

He made an honest mistake, but he was man enough to realise that simply saying that was not enough.

He held up his hands.

He said he would take greater care with his statements in future.

It was classy. It was genuine. And nobody had to force it out of him.

Boyd has been made to come out and talk, by pressure. And he still refuses to accept that what he said was wrong or inaccurate. He raised the issues of his brother’s mental health, but then denied he had belittled Griffiths own struggle, which is manifestly false.

He did exactly that, and a better man would have acknowledged it and said sorry for it.

Kris Boyd is weak and pathetic, in stark contrast to Griffiths. In stark contrast to Hartson. Only a weak person would rather continue to look stupid than admit that they made a colossal error in judgement, and face up to the things that lie behind it.

His statement is shameful. It is the mark of a spiteful, arrogant, self-centred clown.

Celtic cannot allow this individual back in our stadium.

He has no remorse. He feels no guilt. He won’t even acknowledge the nature of his remarks.

His behaviour, and his attitude, are beneath contempt.

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