Celtic’s Financial Muscle Is Where Our Real Advantage Lies. It Is High Time We Started To Use It.

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If Celtic fails to strengthen the key positions in this team going into the second half of the season and we then lose this title, there will be no hiding place of people on the board.

They will be hunted out of the club for blowing the greatest opportunity in our history.

Thankfully it looks as if the moves to do so are already underway.

We’ve opened negotiations with a number of players and we should all be confident of seeing business done.

On top of that, much of the work going on is in the very positions we were hoping would be prioritised; central defence, central midfield and up front. Some of the rumours are hilarious, others sound as if there’s something behind them. Indeed, Lennon has confirmed a couple.

There is a cash surplus sitting in the bank. What is it there for if not to guarantee that no team can overhaul us and snatch the title from our grasp? What is nine in a row worth to us? Millions in fan merchandise, DVD’s, even more in goodwill. That Champions League berth.

On top of that, it is a massively destabilising blow against Ibrox.

Win nine and we force Sevco to go all-in an effort to prevent ten.

If they fail their club could swirl down the tubes.

If there are risks to spending money when we have so much of it, nobody has explained to me what they are and the club cannot remain silent on that if they don’t come through for the manager and we see this thing slipping out of our grasp.

Come the closure of the window, it might well be too late for regrets of any sort.

We have Thistle a week on Saturday, but most crucially we are away at Kilmarnock on the Wednesday night, the first in a large number of away games which will we’ll need to navigate between now and the SPL split. It will be a flat-out disgrace if we’re still relying on the same players every week as we have done for three straight years.

The fans expect this. The manager expects this. We are fortunate that the club has been well run, and we have the financial wherewithal to even consider this. So, Celtic must spend money and get us over the line. It is the absolute wrong time for Lawwell to engage in any of his poker-playing nonsense, just to save a few quid.

As Phil has said, this is the window where, if necessary, you pay a little over the odds just to make sure things run smoothly.

It is too risky not to.

This is where we are clearly stronger than Sevco is … it is time to flex that muscle.

Because to not use it we’d be as well not to have it, and the contrast between their board – who will push out the boat even when they can’t afford to – and ours will be devastating and something from which the people who run our club will not recover.

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