If Bitter Gerrard Wants Clubs To “Move On” He Really Ought To Start With His Own

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No, nothing inflammatory about Gerrard’s language yesterday, eah?

Nothing done here to dampen down the bubbling anger over the New Year fixture.

Celtic’s anger over the SFA judicial panel is our own.

We weren’t inviting comment from other clubs, but if we were we might have thought we’d get a little bit of sympathy from the snivelling cretin in the Ibrox dugout.

Because he does nothing but moan about decisions. Even as he was talking about there being no point “getting the violins out” he was still bitching and whining and wailing about his own problems with the officials. He has some brass neck.

“In terms of the consistency across the board with the referees and getting cited, I think all the managers are going to ask for consistency. Especially when they’re on the wrong side of it,” he said, and he should know since he has never shut up about some of them. And he wasn’t about to disappoint us here. “Prior to that, we’ve had decisions that haven’t gone our way. A cup final went against us because of a decision, we never got a penalty up at Aberdeen. You can cry wolf and get the violin out if you want but the reality is, you have to get on with it.”

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He then had the cheek to say that the Christie affair was our own business and he wouldn’t be talking about it.

Not bad considering that everything prior to that was a slap at our club and our manager, including the references to crying wolf, which you’ll notice he got away with and was not asked to explain. He has a cheek to talk there as well.

Gerrard was the guy who claimed the SFA had an agenda against his team.

He’s actually done that twice and didn’t get cited for it either time. His player, Morelos, is almost certainly going to escape any form of sanction for his disgraceful gesture in front of our fans and you can only speculate as to the can of worms that will open somewhere down the line.

Things went Gerrard’s way this time, that’s the difference. He won’t moan or complain because the latest decisions suit him, but this guy is always banging on about something.

But next time he wants to be critical of people who are speaking up for their clubs, next time he wants to tell people to move on or “get on with it” he should take a long look in the mirror.

Which he won’t.

Because this was totally lacking in self-awareness.

It was arrogant, egotistical and shit-stirring.

I cannot wait for us to clean this guy’s clock.

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