Lennon’s Signing Comments Should Not Be Taken Seriously. There Should Be At Least One More.

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Neil Lennon spoke to the media today and the order of business was to dampen expectations that we’d see more players come in before the window shuts.

The manager said that he would be happy enough with the squad if he got nobody else in, and the reaction from many Celtic fans online has been disbelief, and even anger, at those comments.

Lennon is not being serious.

He can’t be.

He wanted at least three players, and explicitly said he had prioritised people with experience.

Most people expect one more signing and perhaps two.

Central defence and someone who plays wide.

That would close the circle and it would leave most of us pretty happy with the business that had been done.

Quite how Lennon could say that he accepted that, and was satisfied, I do not know. There has to be work going on behind the scenes.

Has to be.

The board cannot fail the manager so spectacularly and expect him to publicly defend them.

They are not that stupid, and neither is he.

We should not be reading too much into his interview.

Hard work will be going on in the background, and some more players will be heading our way. Sevco is in full-on panic mode and will try for at least one signing, and knowing them it’ll be someone who the media can salivate over.

For our board to be so utterly negligent and without ambition would be beyond shameful.

“Hopefully, we’ll be looking to bring one or two in this week,” he said in the same interview, and that’s what I am choosing to focus on, the near certainty that we’re going to get at least one more name, and one who will demonstrate the club’s intent.

Lennon had very specific requests before this window opened, and the people around him have had loads of time to work on the targets and get them over the line. Not only are we a sold four weeks into the window, but there was plenty of lead time before that to identify players and get the wheels in motion.

There are systems in place now, and no more excuses.

This is the time to deliver. Lennon and the players are doing their part.

The rest of this club had better step up and do theirs.

Nothing else will be acceptable.

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