Morelos: The Most Sought After Player In History Who Nobody Has Made An Offer For.

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Today we’ve truly entered the realms of both the ridiculous and the sublime.

Today we’ve hit Peak Freddy and it really is something to behold.

Today there are three separate stories about him in the media and each one is more ridiculous than the last.

In the first he’s a target for Spurs. Of course he is.

Because you would try to replace Harry Kane, one of the best products who ever emerged from their youth academy, with the Colombian ned. Yes, that makes perfect sense, if you are a demented Scottish hack who’s fallen off the wagon.

The second story links him to Inter Milan.

It’s a cracker as well. They are said to be “readying a £20 million bid.” It’s always the same with the hacks; moves are being “readied.” Whatever happened to just picking up the phone and saying “We’ve got the money, how much do you want for him?”

All the reports suggest that such a sum would be flatly turned down.

And if you’re thinking “if you believe that I’ll sell you another …” then I give you the Barcelona story, which is probably the most ridiculous piece I’ve read in many years. If we weren’t already in a new decade this might be the dumbest story of the timeframe.

He’s being touted a replacement for Suarez in that particular fantastical tale … and every newspaper has regurgitated this tripe. None of it will matter a damn to watching scouts, and especially those who recognise the cut throat gesture when they see it.

We’ve been hearing variations of this nonsense for years now.

We’ve had everything from Chinese clubs to this latest lunacy.

The club values him at more than we got for Dembele.

They are basing their valuation on the idea that if we got that kind of money so should they. No-one ever suggests that Aberdeen will get £30 million for Cosgrove, although he has a similar scoring record to Sevco’s overhyped forward.

But dig down deep and you find something interesting, something that our blogs have said repeatedly but more importantly what the manager at Ibrox has said over and over again; for all this alleged interest swirling about him not one club – not one – has made a concrete bid in the years he has been there.

Any interest that there was dies on the vine the moment the lunatics running that asylum over there quote their stupid asking price.

Morelos may well be the most wanted player in history who nobody actually wants.

Sevco needs to bring in a big fee for this guy, but Celtic bloggers have always maintained that they won’t get the mad money for him that they claim to want, and the operation to sell him more cheaply and blame that on the “racists” who want to drive him out of Scotland is well underway.

He will leave Ibrox at some point, and I suspect it will be a departure that leaves a lot of blood on the walls.

His agent said last year that “he does not have a very high (transfer) value. My advice is to take him before his name is on everyone’s lips”, and so he and his client are well aware that the biggest obstacle to his getting the move to a bigger league is the club’s own ridiculous demand … with a more realistic price-tag he’d have gone already.

And until that number comes down all this talk of interested clubs is just smoke and mirrors, efforts to draw out potential buyers who have already walked away from the table. All the stories comparing him to Suarez and suggesting he could partner Lionel Messi won’t change that, but they will certainly give us all a good laugh in the meantime.

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