Scott Brown Is Scottish Football’s Player Of The Decade, And The Hacks Be Damned.

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Tom English picked his top Scottish sportspersons of the decade recently and the highest placed footballer was Andy Robertson.

When the idiotic TalkSport clown Adrian Durham picked his own SPL team of the decade Robertson was in that too.

Neither chose the player because of a contribution he made in Scotland.

This is what we called “the cringe” at work.

Durham’s squad was laughably bad, with Stuart Armstrong wide left, revealing a near total complete pig ignorance of the game here. His team omitted Scottish football’s finest player of this timeframe entirely. In a list that was made up mostly of non-footballers, English put him tenth. I have no idea why Robertson scored higher on that list or was included in the other when the obvious choice was to give the crown to the one who deserves it; our own Scott Brown.

There can’t really be any doubt that Brown is the player of the decade.

Robertson didn’t look like the international star he is now when he played for Dundee Utd. Guys like Van Dijk weren’t here long enough. Brown was here from the first minute of that decade to the last. His list of honours is without equal anywhere in Britain in that time.

There is a reluctance amongst a lot of the hacks to state this obvious fact; whilst some eejits suggest that Morelos would have “a statue outside Hampden” if he were Scottish there is no rush to anoint a superlative footballer who actually is Scottish, plays here and has given everything to club and country down through the years.

Their disdain for him is obvious. Indeed, some of them make no effort to hide it at all. They are quite free in discussing it, and some even openly boast about it.

When Brown suggested obliquely that he might return to the national team I knew there would be spitting fury from some of these halfwits and there was. At the end of this decade he should be honoured. He won’t be, and I knew he wouldn’t be.

The consolation is that Brown himself doesn’t care.

Celtic gives him all the credit he requires, as does the support. We have honoured Brown, and he is clearly the most successful captain of the modern age. His place in the pantheon of club legends – club icons – is well secure. He never needs to worry about that.

I think the media’s underestimation of his achievements is staggering and actually quite scandalous. Can you imagine this was an Ibrox captain? Jesus, they really would be building statues outside Hampden and a lot of other places too.

Brown does something to people outside of Celtic Park. It is pitiful to see them scramble to honour others rather than accept what’s an obvious fact. No player in Scotland has been so excellent, so consistently, so dominant over that timeframe.

He has had no equal. I don’t care whether the media acknowledges it or not; Scott Brown is Scottish football’s Player of the Decade. By miles. Anyone who doubts it should look over the trophy haul he has amassed in that time. He is untouchable.

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