Sevco’s Defence Of Morelos Has Now Edged Past Paranoia And Into Outright Hysteria.

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Steven Gerrard’s latest press conference was one for the books, alright. It was a sterling example of arrogance and egotism. He really does think he’s on the brink of pulling Celtic down off our perch and taking our title from us. I really dislike this guy.

In the beginning, I wondered why Gerrard wanted the Sevco job and why they wanted him.

It didn’t take long for it to become clear that this was a guy and a club who were perfectly suited to each other. The friend of Liverpool gangsters was always going to get on well with the South African tax cheat. He was always going to buy into the ethos of the club.

Gerrard was barely in the door but he was swallowing whole and then regurgitating conspiracy theories of every shade and stripe.

He is not the sharpest tool in the box; that’s putting it mildly. I know that one of the things that happened early in his tenure was that certain Ibrox faces got in his ear and filled his empty head with a bunch of nonsense; it was evident in his very first after-match press conference where he talked about the “agenda” against the club.

But Gerrard has swallowed this stuff whole now, and worse; he knows that it rallies the Peepul.

And so he panders to them every chance he gets.

He plays to the Goons Gallery in their stands like a guy who was born to it. It is nauseating.

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A Celtic player goes in for a 50/50 ball and the oppositon player comes over the ball with his studs raised and takes it and snaps the Celtic player's leg in the process? What is the correct response?

So was he playing to the gallery yesterday over Morelos or did he mean the ridiculous things that were coming out of his mouth? Does it even matter?

That club’s defence of this nutter has gone beyond paranoia and into outright hysteria. He has sided with the most rabid elements of his club’s support with this assertion that people are trying to drive Morelos out of Scotland; at a time when the game would benefit from more lucid and temperate language his latest contribution – and one in very poor taste if you ask me – is to accuse Sevco haters of trying to “kill” his striker.

“Is he perfect right now? No. Will he make a few mistakes going forward? I predict he probably will, but a lot of the fallout and the opinion, people do want to kill him,” the Sevco manager said yesterday. “People want to see him the other side of the world for good. You also have to understand where that’s coming from and the reasons why it’s getting said.”

This is an endorsement of this garbage about people trying to force Morelos out the door, about hatred being behind the coverage and scrutiny he gets.

As I said in a previous piece, it is obvious that the club policy is to sell him for whatever they can get and then blame all of Scotland for their inability to land the mammoth fee they claim to be demanding … it is transparent.

But what Gerrard either hasn’t realised or doesn’t care is that it’s also dangerous.

There are elements of his support who don’t need provoking to insanity; he seems determined to help them along the road. The idea that Morelos is being picked on is contemptible nonsense, but it’s just the sort of nonsense their supporters swallow.

Morelos is the architect of all the negativity that surrounds him. He has not gotten a grip on his own behaviour. He is still a thug and a cheat, just as he was in the last campaign … only more tolerated by referees and even more feted by a media desperate for an Ibrox hero.

It’s a slander on the rest of this country though, and the Ibrox club knows it well.

This talk of people wanting to “kill” the player is lunacy.

When does the SFA get a grip on this madness?

Those defending Morelos have clearly lost all sense of rationality or proportion and what Gerrard told the nutters in his own support yesterday was that the club is on board the loony train.

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