The Focus On Boyd Let Others Off The Hook Over The Frimpong Challenge.

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With all the furore surrounding Kris Boyd one other major incident from the midweek game has been grossly under examined.

Scott Brown commented on it,

Lennon has expressed his frustration but that aside it has largely ignored, and I think that’s wrong.

The tackle on Jeremie Frimpong, and the reaction to it, should have been a much bigger story and sparked much wider anger amongst our fans than it did.

For openers, it’s a shocking tackle, a dreadful lunge which Scott Brown pointed out would have resulted in a red card or a series of foaming complaints to the compliance officer at the very least. A young footballer was carried off the pitch as a result of it, and the referee didn’t see the need to even flash the yellow.

I still cannot believe that.

It’s even worse when you consider that our substitute, Bauer, was shown a yellow not long after he came on for Frimpong, for the “crime” of kicking away the ball.

If one of those is a booking offence, it sure as Hell wasn’t the one our player actually picked up a caution for.

Walker’s commentary on that incident was equally shocking; he believed that because the player “got the ball” that it’s something other than a wild challenge. I have news for Walker; if I’d run onto the pitch with a baseball bat I’m fairly sure I’d have “got the ball” as well.

The follow through was shocking, and winning the ball doesn’t matter a damn.

Walker is easily the stupidest person commentating on football anywhere in the UK, offering nothing at all by way of insight or intelligent analysis. I hate listening to games in which he’s working, and I cannot understand why Sky persists with him unless it’s because he’s cheap.

As I said yesterday, their selections in this area betray their general contempt for the game up here and he is as bad an example of that as Boyd himself is.

Finally – and this made me angriest at the time – the behaviour of some of the Kilmarnock fans as our player lay on the turf, and then as he was getting carried off – was despicable.

Few did the traditional and honourable thing, which is to stand and applaud a young footballer in a gesture of appreciation for his talents … instead they hissed and booed and some even cheered.

What did Jeremie do to earn that? It was shocking, and it reflects badly on their fans.

It is one of the worst reactions to a young player getting injured that I’ve seen in a long time.

Yes, Boyd’s comments were disgraceful and they deserved the full attention they are getting … but I don’t think Power, the ref, Walker or the Kilmarnock fans should get a free pass. Their own conduct was shocking too, and Boyd’s idiocy shouldn’t let them off.

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