The Media’s Efforts To Tie “Racist Chanting” To The Debate Over Morelos’ Gesture Is A Con Job.

Image for The Media’s Efforts To Tie “Racist Chanting” To The Debate Over Morelos’ Gesture Is A Con Job.

The SFA maintains its silence on the Morelos gesture, and in the meantime the media campaign to get him off with it continues unabated.

This is perhaps the worst thing about the SFA’s laxity in not dealing with this matter immediately after the game.

They allowed first Sevco and then the media to hijack the narrative completely, and this is where we are.

Neil Lennon was asked about the gesture today, but before it although in the same question, he was asked to address the allegation that Morelos was subjected to racist abuse. It is a claim that so far looks groundless, but it’s not even the point.

“The SFA will have to deal with it accordingly,” he said of the Morelos incident … but the point gets lost in all the other stuff.

If Morelos was subjected to racist abuse – show me the proof – then that’s a police matter. It has damn all to do with the SFA or their responsibilities towards the game. It has exactly nothing to do with the what Morelos himself did walking off the park.

I’ll tell you something else, these people better get their story straight.

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A Celtic player goes in for a 50/50 ball and the oppositon player comes over the ball with his studs raised and takes it and snaps the Celtic player's leg in the process? What is the correct response?

If Morelos’ gesture was perfectly innocent, why are they hinting at it being a retaliation to abuse? If Morelos’ gesture wasn’t a cut-throat against those who were giving him stick why is that the line so many seem to be pushing, including Sevco’s assistant manager?

The dishonesty that has surrounded this, and the Kent gesture, is almost unbelievable.

The club’s explanation, taken up by the hacks, is pathetic and embarrassing and an insult to our intelligence. But worse is the flagrant attempt to con-job us into feeling sorry for the player as if that excuses what he’s done.

I cannot say this enough times; whatever explanation the club puts forward, Morelos is guilty of making an inflammatory gesture to our fans.

If it was a response to racist abuse he’s guilty and should be sanctioned.

Players get stick all the time, there’s a reason they aren’t supposed to make gestures back to the crowd. If he was doing it to slag our fans at the running down of the clock – the “game over” excuse the club and some of them hacks are feverishly pushing – then he’s guilty and should be sanctioned.

If it was a gesture to tell our fans that we should have our throats cut he’s guilty and should be sanctioned.

Someone’s going to have to convince me that there’s a grey area here, something I’m not seeing, something that has eluded most of us so far. The media is playing games by trying to somehow compare a straightforward disciplinary matter with stuff that is subject to police investigation rather than anything to do with the clubs.

It looks like it will work too, because there’s no sign on the horizon that the SFA is going to take its responsibilities seriously in this case.

They are probably too busy trying to find the next thing they can cite a Celtic player for.

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