The SFA Has Found Christie Guilty And Given Him A Two Match Ban. What A Disgraceful Verdict That Is.

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The SFA, which is still dithering over whether or not to cite Alfredo Morelos for his obscene act in front of the Celtic support, and which ignored some of his more blatant behaviours in the past 12 months, including a nearly identical incident to that which they cited Christie for, has added insult to injury today by finding against our player at his disciplinary case.

He has been handed a two game ban, and will miss the matches against Thistle in the cup and Kilmarnock in the league.

Celtic has no grounds for appeal, of course, and although some will demand we take action I’d be interested to know what they propose.

Burn down Hampden? Refuse to turn up at Firhill?

The truth is, there’s sod all we can do, not about this one.

But we can, if we’ve got the guts, try to limit how many such decisions we will have to tolerate in future.

We have been consistently weak on these matters, and that weakness will continue to cost us until we do something proactive instead of waiting for things like this to happen and expressing our collective outrage after the fact.

Either we get our act together and start working to change the rancid football government which calls itself the Scottish Football Association or days like this will happen over and over and over and over again. This will not fix itself.

The SFA’s disciplinary system is a joke, like everything else up there.

The sooner it is overhauled the better.

The sooner that whole organisation is dismantled and rebuilt the better.

There is not one iota of consistency to their decision making process.

They can get away with that because there is no real independent oversight as to how these charges come about or of who sits in judgement of them.

That means no one case can be compared with another.

It looks arbitrary.

That leaves it wide open to allegations that it is also corrupt.

How are we to know the difference?

How are we to be sure it’s one and not the other?

Doubtless the club will express its frustration at this decision. It will change nothing, no more than the anger of the fans will.

Talk is cheap. It is fruitless.

It accomplishes nothing.

If our club genuinely cared it would push for reform and we’d not find ourselves here time after time.

Amendment: Although this ban is for two matches, Christie will actually miss THREE as this is his second red card of the campaign. So this just got worse. 

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