The SFA’s Definition Of Brutality Will Haunt Them Long After Christie’s Ban Is Up.

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The SFA has released their reasoning behind banning Ryan Christie for two games, and it accuses him of “brutality.” That one is going to stick. Not to Christie, but to them. There is no way that a view that perverse will not reverberate into other cases. Clubs will be screaming for opponents to be cited for the same. Referees will be under pressure to act in games.

The system is a joke. The panel included “three former refs.”

We have no way of knowing if these are guys who make the after dinner speeches on the Lodge circuit or not. Many of them have openly boasted about giving Celtic “nothing” in their careers; wouldn’t it be a turn up for the books if they were allowed to hand us one more shafting? We have no way of knowing if the refs on that list have allegiances.

Indeed, it may well be that the sectarian bigot Dallas is one of them.

This system is rotten to the core.

It disturbs the mind to think of what might be going on behind close doors.

The old mates club at the SFA holds the power here; that committee could have decided this amongst themselves.

Two out of three thought this constituted “brutality”. One didn’t.

So this isn’t even the cut and dried matter many would have you believe.

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A Celtic player goes in for a 50/50 ball and the oppositon player comes over the ball with his studs raised and takes it and snaps the Celtic player's leg in the process? What is the correct response?

It doesn’t help that the compliance officer who has come in to oversee all this probably has no idea about the sordid history here or where the connecting lines meet. She trusts the system that was in place and those running it.

That’s a big mistake; that organisation stinks.

This verdict is a flat-out disgrace, and the language used in the official report, which the media has splattered all over every outlet, is an incendiary effort to smear our player even as the same governing bodies ignores blatant misbehaviour by Morelos and the media tries to paint a picture of this ned, thug and cheat which is grossly at odds with reality.

Mark my words, those who are defending this guy are backing the wrong horse … this does not have a happy ending.

Remember this; if you’re going to work hard to paint someone as a saint, you better hope to God that they are.

Sevco will not be the only ones who look ridiculous if he turns out not be.

If he turns out to be just another spoiled footballer driven by his own ego, then Hell mend those who have nominated him for “statues outside Hampden”.

They will look just as bad as he does, and very stupid to boot.

The Christie verdict is a travesty, as is the whole system which produced it.

The media’s echoing of it is hardly a big surprise, but it too is pretty disgraceful.

The trouble is going to come later in the season when circumstances force the SFA to discipline someone else for the same thing; Morelos himself maybe, as he should have been the poster boy for the charge.

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