With Their Decision To Cite Sevco For Misconduct, The Last Act Of The SFA’s Little Farce Is Complete.

Image for With Their Decision To Cite Sevco For Misconduct, The Last Act Of The SFA’s Little Farce Is Complete.

The SFA’s little farce is now complete. Morelos and his “third yellow card” is an insult to our collective intelligence, and the news tonight closes the circle. Sevco has been cited for the behaviour of both its players and its staff … including Morelos and Ryan Kent.

Kent’s behaviour on the day did not result in a caution. Notice that he has not been cited for his gesture on an individual basis.

So, like Morelos, he gets off.

Both players have been lumped into the overall case against the club but neither will face further action.

Sevco’s staff will not be banned from the touchline; red cards against staff don’t incur bans.

So basically, the club will get a minor slap on the wrist but no real harm has been done. No players and no coaches will face any sanctions.

It is a scandalous middle ground decision – a piece of pure theatre, pure PR – which laughs in all of our faces.

Nothing must impact on Sevco’s ability to maintain their title challenge, but equally the SFA knows it cannot simply allow players to make gestures to away fans.

The next time a player makes a gesture to rival fans, what is his club supposed to cite as the precedent? The alleged Morelos yellow, or Kent’s getting off scott-free? Or will it be that the club has to pay a fine? This is no longer about consistency, because there is none to be had here whatsoever; it’s as if they cobbled this together to save face.

Honestly, this is laughable stuff.

We are now in the realms of the surreal here.

And to think it took nearly four weeks to make these decisions.

The SFA’s discipline system has now become an embarrassment to our game. There is nothing to do here but submit it to the ridicule it deserves.

They managed to cite and discipline Ryan Christie within days of the match, but they took all these weeks to arrive here? At a pitiful, fudge which looks for all the world like it was done to give the SFA grounds to say they took action whilst imposing no meaningful punishment on Sevco at all.

If their club even bothers to issue a statement on it will be another piece of theatre because this verdict doesn’t impact on them at all and they know it.

They must be laughing over there.

The only way this could any bigger a joke is if is the SFA announced that Kent had been booked after the game as well, just not actually during it where his yellow could have had an impact on proceedings.

They expect us to swallow this.

How much longer is Celtic going to tolerate this?

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