Are Hummel Suing Sevco? Even If They Aren’t They Will Be.

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Let’s talk for a moment about truth. Truth ought not to be an obscure concept.

It ought to be clear cut.

But a lot of modern media, social and political analysis suggests we’re in what’s known as the “post truth era” where facts have become less important.

But what are facts anyway? Do facts illuminate truth, or is truth something deeper than that?

As we’ve chased the truth about Sevco and especially the King reign, we’ve often done so with no facts available to hand. There are times when we must make calculated deductions based on the evidence which we do have available to hand, and to find the truth within.

There is some debate online today about whether Paul Brennan of CQN was duped over the article he posted yesterday.

The piece, which is pretty sensational, is a statement allegedly from Hummel/Elite which suggests that they have commenced legal proceedings against the Ibrox club over the handling of their merchandising contract.

The crucial segment reads thus; “(D)espite being given warranties and assurances by the (Ibrox) board that the club was free to enter into their arrangement, it transpired that (they) had previously signed a conflicting agreement with a third party.”

If this is a fake it’s a damned good one, because that dovetails perfectly with the facts which are in the public domain. Sevco ought to have told Hummel and Elite about the ever-present threat of Mike Ashley and they did not do so.

This has been demonstrated in the way the club has lost every major courtroom skirmish against Sports Direct except one … when they successfully had it confirmed that they won’t be breaching the injunction imposed on the Hummel deal if they try to take the kit supplier to court for what they claim are unpaid monies.

When they secured that permission I thought that some sort of counter claim from Elite/Hummel was inevitable; indeed, I thought legal action from the manufacturer was certain the moment a court said the deal had to be terminated a year early, as happened back in June or July.

The statement Paul published also suggests that Sevco lied to their fans and the Scottish press when they announced that they had terminated the deal. The statement on CQN also suggests that Hummel believe the Ibrox club lied about them to the media and to a judge, when Sevco’s board announced their intention to seek £2.6 million in monies owed.

Are either of those things hard to believe?

No, because they are precisely in keeping with the conduct of the club up until now, and especially under Dave King. Lying to the media and to their fans is nothing to this guy, it’s business as usual, and he has never hesitated to lie in court or to have others do it for him.

A spurious legal action – like the one he raised against Ashley and which was roundly defeated – is exactly in keeping with King’s MO.

So why are some so convinced that Paul has this one wrong? The alleged statement aligns perfectly not only with what we know Sevco has done in the past but we all more or less assumed would happen on the Hummel side anyway. Their company has been thoroughly messed about by the Ibrox club, and at great cost to them. It makes sense that they’d act.

The reason people are suspicious is that Hummel and Elite have not published the statement and the mainstream media haven’t touched the story. But it’s not the only story that started out on the blogs which the mainstream press has been reluctant to touch.

The tax case story, the truth about Whyte, the truth about Green, the facts about King … the media ignored all of it until they no longer could.

Paul may have in his hands an early draft of a statement. It might be that it couldn’t be released on Friday until it had been lawyered or squared with the City, and can’t be released now until the markets are open. It could be under embargo. It’s a legal letter with market moving potential so I can wholly understand why any of these possibilities might apply.

And yes, it could be a forgery, a hoax, a scam to reel Paul in. Anything is possible here, and the Morelos scandals have revealed we’re in the midst of strange times where all the dark arts are coming to the fore. This would be just like the Ibrox PR operation, busying away on cheap stunts.

Every one of our sites has to beware of this kind of thing, but Paul usually does his due diligence and I find it hard to believe someone’s pulled the wool over his eyes … but that could be bias talking because the statement contains everything we’ve been expecting to hear.

And that’s where I wonder what the value would be in someone gilding the lily here. I expect that Hummel and Elite will, in fact, declare an intention to sue the Ibrox club at some point. I suspect that Sevco’s attempt to sue them is, in fact, blowing smoke in preparation for that.

To me this one feels real, and it might prove to be real regardless of whether the statement itself proves to be.

The Chinese saying “May you live in interesting times” is supposed to be a curse, but I’ve always been glad that we do.

Interesting times are what Sevco does best.

This circus always provides entertainment.

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