Boyd Had Sevco’s March To The Title Mapped Out. Reality Set In And The Anger Came Out.

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Kris Boyd had another anti-Celtic rant today in his column in a tabloid rag.

This time it was directed at the fans, because we’ve resurrected his stupid, arrogant mouthing in the aftermath of the New Year fixture and shared his idiocy all over social media.

Boyd is a small man, and I don’t mean in terms of his stature. He’s way too sensitive for someone who puts himself in the front line.

He is petty. He is weak when faced with criticism. His complete inability to even admit when he is wrong is not the mark of someone with a strong mentality; it is, in fact, the mark of the gutless, the mark of a fool … because only a fool can’t admit when he’s behaved like one.

Boyd’s rant against our fans is his typical snark at anyone who contradicts him.

He is a spiteful little man, totally wrapped up in his own ego. His comments after that game were ridiculous. He charted out the road to a Sevco title as if it was a foregone conclusion. To get there he had to ignore Lennon’s win record, and the consistency of his team.

Boyd’s problem – other than being contradicted – is that the wheels have come off the wagon at Ibrox.

The little fancy he spun for himself and the Sevco fans is collapsing in on itself.

His anger at our fans is misguided; he should be directing it at himself for being such an idiot.

He should be looking in the mirror and pondering his own gullibility.

The problem with Boyd is that he doesn’t have a brain in his head.

He actually sat there in the Sky studio that day and allowed his imagination to run riot.

At no point either did anyone intrude on his ridiculous babble.

He had the flag flying at Ibrox, and he can’t deny it.

He is not the only one. Ralston had it all mapped up before that game kicked off.

These Peepul just won’t learn.

They mouth off at every triumph and at every setback they get defensive and in their eyes it’s the rest of us who are the idiots.

Boyd is particularly prone to this, and it is pathetic.

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