EBT Recipient McCann Is The Worst Michael Stewart Replacement Yet, And The Dumbest.

Image for EBT Recipient McCann Is The Worst Michael Stewart Replacement Yet, And The Dumbest.

Watching Neil McCann try to talk intelligently about football, or about Celtic or Sevco without bias, reminds you that somewhere paint is drying and that you’re missing out.

As the BBC continues its pointless, and self-defeating, stand-off with Michael Stewart they are becoming ever more desperate in their efforts to “replace him” in the studio.

And last night it was the turn of McCann, who’s lack of football intelligence can be summed up in that he chased Scott Bain out of Dundee only for the player to win a domestic treble, a second league title and a second Scottish Cup too. The board must have been thrilled.

His managerial career there was a disaster. They can thank him for their current predicament. The idea that he is a fitting replacement for Stewart, who knows more about football but more importantly knows what he doesn’t know, is ridiculous.

Amongst his spurious claims last night is that he “wouldn’t put it past (Sevco)” to win the two SPL games they have to come against us. Based on what? The performances in the last two? We won one of those and in spite of talk of us being “outclassed” in the second we ought to have won that game as well, and had Ryan scored his penalty we would have.

In case it’s escaped his attention, Gerrard’s record against Celtic isn’t as wonderful as the press sometimes tries to suggest. His record against Lennon certainly isn’t.

Lennon has faced off against Gerrard seven times now. Gerrard has won twice in that time, with another two ending in draws, whilst Lenny was manager at Hibs. He has lost three, including the cup final. Since becoming boss at Ibrox he’s faced Celtic eight times. He’s won three.

Now, we might not be beating them comfortably under this guy but I’ll take our record over his any day of the week. McCann is indulging in his favourite pastime here; seeing the world through a blue tint. He has no rational basis on which to make such a bizarre claim.

In terms of his analysis overall, he is a master of the Andy Walker Art Of Stating The Obvious. He has never made a contribution that you couldn’t have got from a guy down in the pub. IS that the quality the BBC aspires to? The pub level?

The inclusion, last week, of Malky Mackay, whose personal opinions are like those you’d find in a corner of The Louden suggests so, and the week before him it was James McFadden who I have yet to hear say anything intelligent. Ever.

When are they going to get a grip and get Michael Stewart back on the air?

When he decides to toe some ridiculous editorial “line” of theirs? When you hear the speculation they allow on that show each and every week, when you hear the way they discuss managers and players, you wonder what this standard is that Stewart so far refuses to meet?

And then you remember that Sevco is a house divided, and in crisis, and that Stewart might point that out and ask intelligent questions about it … and it suddenly becomes clear again.

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