Kevin Kyle’s “Opinion” On Bolingoli Is Crass, Ignorant Nonsense. So Of Course, The Media Loves It.

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Where does it stop?

When does the media in this country stop considering the half-formed, pig-ignorant thoughts of every person who ever kicked a ball in Scotland as being worthy of publication? The latest is Kevin Kyle, who probably isn’t going to be writing a column in The Guardian anytime soon.

I mean, I don’t know the guy so he could have the intellect of a particle physicist, but I rather doubt it, especially considering what I’ve just read.

Bolingoli is “finished” according to this cretin.

A guy who’s been at Celtic Park for a little over six months, who cost us £3 million and has played 25 times for the club since signing. A player who I think some in the media (and others) made their minds up about early and who won’t change them even if it becomes obvious that their first impressions are absolutely wrong.

Bolingoli is not Kieran Tierney, but aside from some early mistakes I think he’s settled in well.

His problem is that Taylor has impressed and that Hayes is a managerial favourite, but the player is going nowhere and with Taylor out injured he’s going to get his chance again to show us what he can do. I have no fears at all about him playing in the team.

What is it with the press giving these guys a platform to spout nonsense?

There’s a perception in some newsrooms that because these guys played the game that their opinions have value; Kyle has proved yet again that most of them should be kept as far away from the microphones and typewriters as it’s possible to get.

Any clown in a bar can say something idiotic.

Why do we need to see footballers treated as if their own daft views are Holy Writ?

Kyle’s comments about Bolingoli were ridiculous, and completely disrespectful.

But the point where he referred to 32-year-old Jonny Hayes as a player who’s been at Celtic Park “for about 35 years and just keeps getting one-year contract extensions” is risible garbage which embarrasses every outlet who published his comments today as if they were a meaningful intervention.

In case he – and they – missed it, Hayes has been at Celtic Park three years and is still in his first contract with the club.

Anyone who wants to mouth about our policies and who doesn’t know ABC stuff like that doesn’t deserve to be taken remotely seriously.

Yet here Kyle is, getting attention, and the media is filling pages with this crap.

No wonder so many of us view them with complete contempt.

I love the way the manager stands up for our players … I hope he slaps this idiot down hard.

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