Lennon Focuses The Team On The Job At Hand As Gerrard Continues His Meltdown.

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As we go into the weekend, Neil Lennon had a very specific message for the players; the league race isn’t over, and we give full concentration to the very next game.

That’s how it is at Celtic Park, one game at a time, three points at a time.

A relentless focus on the next opponent, not on some fantasy of winning a mere two matches and that being enough for the title.

It is this uncompromising drive that has put us top of the SPL by ten points, whilst our so-called rivals have collapsed like a house of cards, the pressure more than they can bear. Part of the problem for them is that they obsess over what goes on at Celtic.

Our club does not do that. Our club focusses only on our own next challenge, and never gets too far ahead of it.

Lennon’s comments were excellent. He has this team drilled and disciplined like Rodgers did.

This idea of one game at a time came from him, and it has stood us in good stead for three and a half years. This is why our record is so good and why the club is marching towards this ninth title. Lennon is as calm as he’s ever been; this guy knows we have a huge advantage and can only blow it.

He is absolutely determined that won’t happen.

Our players are the same. You listen to them getting interviewed and the pay respect to whoever they are about to go up against.

Contrast this, our calm, our composure, our focus, with the club across the town.

They don’t have the respect either.

They are focussed on how they still have to play us twice; win those games, they say, and the gap is one point.

Where do they get this egotism? For the gap to be one point they have to beat everyone else.

Do they look as if they should be taking that for granted?

You really do get the impression that they thought beating Celtic at Parkhead was the end of the line, that it was enough, that those three points were worth more.

That they would be enough to clinch the title.

Gerrard himself is flaking. Did you hear him today?

He ran his players down yet again, at the same time as he said they wouldn’t be conceding anything.

He has said his players lack character, lack bottle, even at times suggested they lack quality … he’s right about all of that, by the way, but to sit at a press conference and slate them, whilst defending his own right to do it, and then at the same time say they will bounce back and could still win the league.

I seriously think he is delusional.

Sevco’s manager is coming apart at the seams … and Lennon just keeps on going, just keeps on thinking about the next opponent.

What a difference between them.

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