Motherwell Well Beat As The Green Machine Continues To Chew Them Up And Spit Them Out In The SPL.

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Well that was superb. Another tough away venue visited, and another tough opponent bested.

Four more goals, and three more in front of the Ibrox club who needed a late goal to beat Hibs at home. As they struggle to emerge from the darkness that is descending on their club Celtic has come back from Dubai refreshed and in the kind of form that wins leagues.

The first half might have been scrappy, and in those 45 minutes it looked like we might be in for a bit of a slog.

But the second half was breathtaking.

The football was incredible at times.

We can be over elaborate every now and again, but when it comes off – as it did for Callum’s magnificent goal, for instance – it is glorious to behold.

We have survived the away tests thrown up by Kilmarnock, St Johnstone, Hamilton and Motherwell.

Those who believed that our away game run was going to derail our campaign already look thoroughly ridiculous and whilst there’s a long way to go – we need to visit Aberdeen, Hibs and Livingston and Ibrox still; major performances will be needed in all those games – we now have four away and four at home to close out the league before the split.

Sevco have the easier games to come; there’s no doubt about that.

But on the form we’re in right now, we look as if we could get results in every one of our remaining games. We need to go on the best run we’ve had in this campaign so far – we’re five wins in the league on the bounce since coming back and there are eight games until the split – but I think this is the best we’ve played so far this season and we’re well capable of pulling it off.

Sevco cannot afford the least slip, and they look rocky.

Boy oh boy they do. Look out for the papers christening Hagi the new king of the SPL tomorrow; that’s as predictable as it will be nonsensical.

The truth is, they rode their luck again tonight and were four minutes from being in total meltdown. They have not won more than five times in a row in the league so far; they need to go on their own “record breaking run” before the split and I don’t think they can.

This Celtic side is playing with a swagger that I’ve not seen in a while.

The players look confident in themselves and those around them.

Oh yes, we’re going to be in some battles between now and the end of the campaign, but with as many games at home now as away Sevco’s “advantage” over us in that regard is negated. If we go to Ibrox and get even a draw it’s ours to lose, and that’s provided that they’re even still in the race by the time we roll into town.

We were under enormous pressure when we returned from the winter break, but that’s where this team seems to thrive.

With every one of these games that we get out of the way you can feel it fall from our shoulders, and because of the seven point lead every bit that comes off our side goes onto the rag-bag mob at Ibrox, who continue to cling to our coat-tails but only just.

The grip is loose.

Their puny fingers won’t hang on much longer.

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